Top 12 Luke Bryan Family Pranks (video)

LUke Bryan Family Pranks

photo: Caroline Bryan Instagram

Enjoy watching the top 12 Luke Bryan Family Pranks in this hilarious video compilation . . .

The Luke Bryan Family Pranks are epic as the family engages in their 12 days of Pranksmas every holiday season.  Here we take a look at 12 of our favorite Luke Bryan family pranks with this compilation video.   Watch the “Top 12 Luke Bryan Family Pranks” video and see more Luke Bryan family details below.  Let us know in the comments which prank is your favorite!

Top 12 Luke Bryan Family Pranks Video

Caroline Boyer and Luke Bryan first crossed paths when they attended Georgia Southern University in Statesboro, GA.  The couple has now been married for over 13 years and they clearly know how to have fun as a family.  Luke and Caroline have two sons (Bo and Tate) and they are also legal guardians of Luke’s nephew (Tilden) and two nieces (Jordan and Kris).  In some of the prank videos, you will see Tilden and Jordan appear as either victims or instigators. Luke Bryan and wife Caroline adopted his nephew and 2 nieces in 2015.  The nieces and nephew are under his care after the tragic deaths of their father and mother. Bryan’s older sister Kelly passed away in 2007 due to undetermined reasons, followed by her husband Ben Lee Cheshire in 2014. After Ben’s death from a possible heart attack, Luke and wife Caroline gladly opened their home to Kris, Jordan, and Tilden aka “Til.” While Kris and Jordan are now young adults, Til is in high school and is being raised along side his cousins, 12-year-old Thomas Boyer Bryan “Bo” and 9-year-old Tatum Christopher Bryan “Tate.”  Caroline’s brother (Bo Bryan) is married to Ellen (Caroline’s sister-in-law).  Ellen is featured in a few of the prank videos.  Luke’s mom (LeClaire Bryan) is the victim of our favorite prank video.  To learn more about Luke Bryan’s family members, watch the video below.

Luke Bryan’s Family Journey

The Luke Bryan Family pranks just continue to get better each year.  We love to see a close knit family having fun!

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