15 Obscure Luke Bryan Facts You Didn’t Already Know…(Video)

Luke Bryan facts

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From Luke Bryan's Starbucks order to where he had his first kiss--- learn more about the country music star through these Luke Bryan facts!

There are plenty of Luke Bryan facts across the life of the country star so far.  Thomas Luther Bryan—aka Luke Bryan— kicked off his musical career in the mid 2000s writing songs for country artists Travis Tritt and Billy Currington. In 2007, his solo recording artist career took off after signing with Capitol Nashville and releasing the album I’ll Stay Me, which included the hit singles “All My Friends Say,” “We Rode in Trucks,” and “Country Man.” Besides being a country music superstar, he is also the proud husband of Caroline Boyer Bryan, the father of two sons Bo and Tate, and the guardian of his nephew Tilden and nieces, Kris and Jordan.   Watch the video to learn more about the life of Luke Bryan and see the list of facts below.

Get to Know Luke Bryan

With over a decade on the Nashville scene, we’ve come to know the booty-shaking crooner and his adorable family quite well— but the entertaining Luke Bryan facts below may surprise even the most knowledgeable fans!

15 Luke Bryan Facts

  1. Luke Bryan’s name is proudly emblazoned on the welcome sign for his hometown of Leesburg, Georgia. The small town with a population of about 3,000 residents is also the home of professional baseball player Buster Posey and American Idol winner Phillip Phillips.
  2. In the second grade— he was hit by a car.
  3. Movie popcorn and yellowtail sashimi with jalapeno are two food items he can’t resist.
  4. As a teen, Luke played Frank Butler in his high school’s production of Annie Get Your Gun— you know the character who falls in love with Annie Oakley.
  5. Bryan’s fan club is dubbed “The Nut House” because his father Tommy was a peanut farmer and the singer grew up on a peanut farm.
  6. He named a family dog “Pappy” after the Pappy Van Winkle’s whiskey brand.
  7. Michael Jackson’s Thriller was the first album he ever purchased. Nope, totally not a country record.
  8. Though he’s a superstar, Bryan occasionally hyperventilates and still gets bad jitters before hitting the stage to perform.
  9. His musical influences include country music icons Alan Jackson, George Strait, and Merle Haggard—- and non-country acts such as the Beastie Boys and Run-D.M.C.
  10. Bryan supports charitable causes involving AIDS/HIV, cancer, children’s disaster relief efforts, health, and human rights.
  11. His first kiss occurred during the summer of 1988 while watching Tom Hanks’ beloved movie Big at the theater.
  12. Luke’s Starbucks order consists of Blonde Roast coffee with hazelnut creamer.
  13. The singer once owned a Maserati, but quickly sold it when he realized couldn’t handle gravel roads.
  14. He’s a huge Georgia Bulldogs fan, even though he went to Georgia Southern University in Statesboro, Georgia.
  15. Bryan is a video game player and especially loves Call of Duty.

Want to know more about this star and his beautiful family? Check out the video below…

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