Tim McGraw & Faith Hill Share Daughter’s Ghostly Encounter [Video]

Ghostly Encounter

photo: Faith Hill Instagram

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill got more than they bargained for while touring the former home of "Ol' Blue Eyes"--- a ghostly encounter for their eldest child!

If you love a spine-tingling story about the unexplained, country music standouts Tim McGraw and Faith Hill have a doozy of a ghostly encounter for you!

While appearing on “The Blair Garner Show” in 2017, the power couple told a mesmerizing ghost story that also involved their eldest daughter, Gracie. Back in the early 2000’s, the family of five were in the process of looking for a rental home in Los Angeles and considered Frank Sinatra’s former home as a possible candidate. The Sinatra family wasn’t initially keen on the idea of simply renting out the home, which also still contained the late music legend’s furniture, but allowed the McGraw family to have a look around.

While on the final tour of the property, Gracie sat down on the piano bench, but sat as if she were sharing the seat with another. Soon the youngster was called to join her parents upstairs.

“We start to go upstairs, and at the top of the stairs there’s a black-and-white photo of Frank Sinatra but with his eyes painted blue. Gracie stops. She stops in the middle of the stairs and says, ‘Dad, that’s the guy!’ I’m like, ‘What do you mean, that’s the guy?’ She says, ‘That’s the guy that was at the piano with me.’ I said, ‘Gracie, really?’ She said, ‘Yeah, he was sitting at the piano with me.’ I said, ‘Where did he go?’ She said, ‘He went to the kitchen. He loves the kitchen’” McGraw recalled.

Eerily enough, the woman giving Tim and Faith the tour confirmed that Frank’s favorite spot was indeed the kitchen and that he often entertained guests there. Little Gracie even showed her parents the secret door where the ghostly figure disappeared, which led from the piano room to the kitchen.

After the family’s eventful visit, they were quickly granted permission to rent the estate.

Watch Tim tell the complete story below!

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