Meet Tim McGraw and Faith Hill’s Daughters: Gracie, Maggie, & Audrey

tim mcgraw and Faith Hill's daughters

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Country music superstars Tim McGraw and Faith Hill's daughters are their most important collaborations. Meet the three young women here!

Country music power couple Tim McGraw and Faith Hill’s daughters make occasional appearances alongside their famous parents, but are often out doing their own thing. Gracie, the oldest, is now 23-years-old and relocated to Los Angeles to pursue acting. Their second, Maggie (22), is attending Stanford University in California to pursue a masters degree. She completed her undergraduate degree at Stanford and was a member of a rock band. The youngest, Audrey (19), graduated from high school in the class of 2020 and is studying film making. McGraw claims raising their brood in Nashville helped give their lives some normalcy. Watch the photo comparison video of the three daughters to Faith Hill and see a video with all three daughters singing and more details below.

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill’s Daughters Photo Comparison to Faith Hill

The video shows all three of the daughters singing.  See if you have a favorite singer between Gracie, Maggie and Audrey.

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill’s Daughters Singing

“We’re so proud of our daughters because the world that they grew up in, it can easily make the kids turn out differently,” McGraw recently shared with Hoda Kotb while appearing late last year on TODAY with Hoda & Jenna to promote his new book, Grit & Grace: Train the Mind, Train the Body, Own Your Life.

“And our girls are so grounded, they’re so humble. They have such big hearts, and they work hard at the things that they want to accomplish — and we’re really proud of them,” he added. “We couldn’t ask for better kids. They’re smarter than us in so many ways.”

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Like all parents, Tim and Faith can also be embarrassing. Check out the conversation Maggie overheard while self-quarantining at the family home.

“I look 50… I at least look 30,” Hill can be heard in the background. “She got that booty going on!” McGraw enthusiastically adds. “Oh, yeah,” Hill replies. “Embarrassing your daughters,” McGraw joked in his caption while sharing the video clip. Maggie’s reactions are hilarious.

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill’s Daughters: Maggie, Gracie, & Audrey

Vocal Talent

All three girls can sing, but so far, mostly Gracie and Maggie have shown an interest in performing publicly. In 2015, Gracie joined her dad on stage at the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville where they performed “Here Tonight.” Gracie was hardly a newbie to the stage, in high school she fronted an all-female alt-rock group called Tingo. The group performed publicly and cut some songs between college semesters. Maggie was involved in a college rock band and Tim tried to catch as many shows as he could. Whether or not any of the girls follow in their parents’ musical footsteps is completely up to them.

In a March, 2017 Hill explained to, “As a parent you don’t want to stand in the way of their dreams…You want to protect them; you want to make sure they aren’t disappointed.”  She adds, “Sometimes, it’s better to let your children go through things on their own and let them experience it instead of of saying, ‘Don’t do it this way, or you must do it this way’.”

Tim and Faith’s Message to their Daughters

Anyone who has raised a daughter can appreciate the message in Hill and McGraw’s hit “Speak To A Girl.” “You want some affirmation. You want some understanding. You want some equality, all those things you want your daughters to take with them when they go out into the world and expect not only from… their partner in life, but from their business associates.” He continues, “You want them to set a high bar for what they expect from those people and how they expect to be treated,” McGraw shared with Rare Country.

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill’s Daughters



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Maggie has some LUNGS!

Maggie and Faith

Audrey and Faith

Gracie and Tim

McGraw and Hill make it their priority to raise their daughters the best way they can and are doing a great job. Share this closer look at Tim McGraw and Faith Hill’s daughters with other country music fans!

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