Chris Janson and Wife Kelly Lynn’s Awesome Relationship

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Chris Janson married his beautiful wife Kelly Lynn on July 4, 2010. Read more about the country music singer's gorgeous wife below!

It’s no mystery how Chris Janson feels about his wife, Kelly Lynn. In fact, several of his popular songs, including “Holdin’ Her,” were inspired by Kelly. So who is she?

Chris Janson knew he wanted to marry Kelly Lynn as soon as he layed eyes on her, “I saw my wife nine years ago and called it right off the bat; I said I was gonna marry her,” Janson told The Boot. However, Kelly Lynn Janson’s impact goes deeper than most fans know. Not only does she look after the couple’s four children, two of which were from her previous marriage, Kelly has encouraged Chris to pursue his dreams for years. Rewind two years to 2015 when Chris Janson still had not released his hit single “Buy Me a Boat.” The Missouri native was not backed by a label at the time, and he wasn’t even sure the pair had sufficient funds to drop the song, but Kelly Lynn was not going to let no be an answer. She insisted that he needed to get his music out no matter what. To save money, they took promotional photos with a cell phone instead of hiring a professional photographer.

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Fast forward back to 2017, the Janson family’s net worth is quickly approaching $1 million dollars and doesn’t appear to be slowing down. The pair will be celebrating their seventh wedding anniversary next month, and they continue to impress fans with their remarkable love for each other. Unlike many celebrity relationships, there has never been any doubt between Chris and Kelly. In December, the attractive couple took a vacation to Hawaii.

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As a sign of love, Chris Janson loves to surprise his wife with beautiful flowers. Also, the country singer even has a tattoo of his wife’s name. How cute!

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Enjoy watching the music video for “Holdin’ Her” that was inspired from Chris meeting Kelly for the first time.

Holdin’ Her Official Music Video


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