Meet Country Music Star Chris Janson’s Family [Pictures & Videos]

chris janson's family

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Country music singer-songwriter Chris Janson's family is a huge part of his career and life on the road! More on the family here!

A career in music can be very demanding and often times other aspects of a person’s have to take a back seat. For country music star Chris Janson, putting his family in the back seat is not an option. In fact, recently he opened up and explained how joyful he is about this point in his life! Learn more about Chris Janson’s family below!

“I’m just at the best place in my life, folks — musically, physically, spiritually, emotionally, everything,” Janson revealed to The Boot during 2019 CMA Fest.

Chris is very content with where his music career is at now and the direction it is heading. Performing big shows is just icing on the cake for him!

“I just feel like things are really going our way,” Chris shared about the annual Nashville event. “It’s good to be back up here on the big stage. It’s good to be playing a full set. I’m proud of it.”

A contributing factor to his happiness is his close-knit family life. Back in 2010, Chris married wife Kelly Lynn and has since become a father. They have four children, two together and two (Graham and Chel) from his wife’s previous marriage that Chris proudly calls his “bonus kids.”

Chris Janson’s Family

The family isn’t just close in terms of loving each other, they work together! His wife, Kelly, is his manager! The children also go on tour so that they can all have quality time together— even with life gets hectic! Tour life might not be “normal” but this family is making it work.

In a past Instagram post, Chris shared a video clip of him with his daughter, Georgia, at her school speaking as any parent would! He talks about all four of his children with such pride. Just another small moment where Chris gets to enjoy being a dad!

“I would not wanna do it without them, to be honest with you,” Chris admitted. “I don’t feel comfortable traveling without Kelly. And I don’t feel comfortable working without Kelly; therefore, she is my manager.”

The children, however, do have a say when it comes to their own passions and lifestyle.

“I think we don’t ever try to impress what we do upon them. It just is kind of a lifestyle,” the singer begins. “They can go if they want to, and they don’t have to go if they don’t want to, that kind of thing. But we travel as a unit because we’re a family, and that’s what families are supposed to do. They’re supposed to spend time with one another.”

Chris and Kelly are proud to say their children are unique and each their own person with their own voice!

“I can assure you, our kids are so individualistic that they raise us just as much as, if not more than, we raise them,” Chris teases. “They’re pretty awesome kids.”

In an Instagram post made by Chris, fans can see his young son Jesse playing away on the piano and paying no attention to the world around him!

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