Jason Aldean’s Wife Has The Best Halloween Looks

jason aldean wife halloween

photo: Instagram

Did you know that Jason Aldean's wife Brittany Kerr is also a really talented makeup artist? Enjoy viewing her amazing Halloween-themed creations here.

Jason Aldean‘s wife of over a year Brittany Kerr has been treating her followers to some really fierce Halloween makeup looks and tutorials lately!

Check out her jaw-dropping and sometimes spooky artistry below to get inspired!

Undead Zombie 

Skull/Zombie?? Why not!!💀💀💀

A photo posted by Brittany Layne (@_brittanylayne_) on

Rainbow Mermaid Perfection 

Cheshire Cat

Deer in the Headlights 

Sexy Jester

Creepy Skull

Watch Brittany Kerr Work Her Halloween Makeup Magic! 

Pretty cool, huh? Obviously Brittany is a very talented makeup artist and we hope she keeps sharing her creations.

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