9 Facts About Darius Rucker’s Wife, Beth Leonard

Darius Rucker's Wife

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Country music singer-songwriter Darius Rucker's wife Beth has been by his side for over two decades! Get to know her here...

Darius Rucker’s wife Beth Leonard instantly stole his heart when they first met in New York City. The pair have been happily married since 2000 and have two children together, daughter Daniella (born 2001) and son Jack (born 2005). Learn more about the brunette beauty through this collection of facts below!

9 Facts about Darius Rucker’s Wife Beth Leonard

1) Darius Rucker’s 2008 song “Alright” was inspired by his marriage to Beth. 

“Cause I’ve got a roof over my head,
The woman I love laying in my bed
And it’s alright, alright
I’ve got shoes under my feet
Forever in her eyes staring back at me…”

2) In addition to Daniella and Jack, Beth is also a mother figure to Darius’ oldest daughter, Carolyn (born in 1995), with former girlfriend Elizabeth Ann Phillips. 

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My oldest, @cary4life, graduated college yesterday. So proud of her!! Love my babies.

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3) Beth encouraged her husband to make the leap into the country music genre as a solo artist.

4) Beth Leonard is from New Jersey and used to work for VH1 in New York City. 

5) After being asked out by Darius multiple times and turning his down, Beth eventually invited the musician to see a Broadway play for their first date. 

6) Beth has an interest in art and enjoys painting. 

7) When she first met Darius and his Hootie & the Blowfish crew through work, Beth thought her future husband was very sincere. 

8) Daughter Daniella is attending New York University— we’re sure Beth taught her a lot about the city! 

9) Beth and the Rucker family make cameos in the touching 2009 music video for “It Won’t Be Like This For Long”…

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