Thomas Rhett Debuts “Center Point Road” Single ft. Kelsea Ballerini [Lyric Video]

“Center Point Road

photo: Thomas Rhett/ Kelsea Ballerini Facebook

Country music star Thomas Rhett's “Center Point Road" single featuring Kelsea Ballerini brings back some memories! Check out the lyric video here!

As country music star Thomas Rhett ramps up to unveil his upcoming fourth studio album Center Point Road on May 31st, he is sharing the anthemic title track featuring Kelsea Ballerini. Acting as the mantle for his most autobiographical project to date and co-written by Thomas Rhett with Jesse Frasure, Amy Wadge and Cleve Wilson, the “Center Point Road” single captures what it feels like to stare down an unknown future, with a pressure-cooker of emotions magnifying every fork in the road.

“‘Center Point Road’ to me is very nostalgic,” Thomas Rhett shared. “It’s about being young and thinking ‘this is as complicated as life is ever going to get,’ not realizing one day you move on to the next chapter and it comes at you quickly. Kelsea and I have been good friends for years now and with her growing up similarly in a Tennessee town, I knew she would relate to what we were writing about. She absolutely nailed it.”

Check out the “Center Point Road” single lyric video below!

“Center Point Road” Single Lyrics

We drank our beer in the basement
So no one would know
We didn’t care where the days went
Had nowhere to go, Center Point Road
When everything was about a kiss
And clouds just looked like battleships
Helmets crashin’ on the field
And we thought every love was real
We wrote our own destiny
In parkin’ lots and empty streets
Yeah, we got high on you and me
Jumped over cracks beneath our feet
And we thought it would never end
Then watched it go like summer wind
When growin’ up was just a dream
And Friday night was everything
Yeah, we didn’t worry ‘bout nothin’
We had it all, yeah
And bein’ the fastest was somethin’
Runnin’the halls, breakin’ the law
Life was about the party
Who you are and who you’re with
Drinkin’ ‘til your head was sorry
Oh,and dancin’ for the hell of it, yeah
Hold on forever (Hold on forever)
Yeah, hold onto it (Hold onto it)
Yeah, hold on forever (Hold on forever)
And never let go of it
Everyone says when you’re younger
It’s gonna go fast
It suddenly hits you like thunder
And you’re gonna wanna go back
Wanna go back
Wanna go back
Wanna go back
We wrote our own destiny
In parkin’ lots and empty streets
When growin’ up was just a dream
And Friday night was everything

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