Trisha Yearwood Launches The Trisha Yearwood Pet Collection

Trisha Yearwood Pet Collection

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The Trisha Yearwood Pet Collection was inspired by two special dogs, Emmy and Millie! Learn more about the country music star's latest here...

Country music star Trisha Yearwood has added another layer to her career with her Trisha Yearwood Pet Collection! The line was inspired by the two rescue dogs she shares with husband Garth Brooks. Emmy is a former stray that Yearwood saved from a country road and Millie was adopted by the country music couple after they saw her listing online. Trisha has always had a passion for animals and believes that there simply isn’t anything like a rescue pet. So far, the line includes treats, beds, collars, bags, and pet carriers and bags.

“I have always rescued dogs,” Trisha shares. “I am that girl who will pull over on the side of the road and try to pick up an animal if they don’t have a collar on. I think animals know. They think, ‘Oh yeah this girl’s a sucker. We got her.’ So, it just seemed natural to me to be in this world because it’s something that means a lot to me.”


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With this new pet-friendly venture, the star wants to help pet owners and improve the lives of animals everywhere.

“I hope that this pet line will give me the opportunity to help more shelters and rescue animals and have the chance to educate others about the importance of spaying/neutering your pet and pet adoption,” she shared with PEOPLE. “Animals that you rescue, there is just nothing like them. It’s such a wonderful gift. It’s unconditional love.”

Check out the full Trisha Yearwood Pet Collection here! Items can also be found at select retailers such as, Amazon,, Atwoods Ranch and Home,, Bomgaars Supply, and Wayfair.


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