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Travis Tritt’s Daughter Releases Debut Single TODAY [LISTEN]

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Tyler Reese Tritt, daughter of the famous country music singer Travis Tritt, started her official music career today with her first radio single.

The Tyler Reese Tritt Perfect song was released in 2017 as her debut single.  It’s always fun to see the offspring of our favorite country musicians starting music careers of their own, which is the case with the 19-year-old daughter of the famous Travis Tritt and his wife Theresa Nelson.

Travis made a name for himself in country music back in the ’90’s with songs like “Help Me Hold On,” “Here’s A Quarter (Call Someone Who Cares)” “I’m Gonna Be Somebody,” “Anymore,” “Foolish Pride,” “Tell Me I Was Dreaming,” “It’s a Great Day To Be Alive.”

Now his daughter, Tyler Reese Tritt, is debuting her own musical talent with her very first radio single titled “Perfect”. The upcoming album details that “Perfect” will be on have not been announced.

The song, written by Jesse Owen Astin, Adam Folsom, and Dionne Osborne, is about high school love and the feeling of perfection it has through the rose-colored glasses of youth. The young country music singer picked a “perfect” song to enter the world of country music radio.  Watch the lyric video and learn more about the song below.

Tyler Reese Tritt Perfect Lyric Video

Tyler took to social media Friday (Nov. 3rd) to post about her excitement over this very important time in her career.

“IT’S FINALLY HAPPENING! This journey has been such an amazing experience for me! I’m so excited and a little nervous to see what the future brings, but I am ready! Thank you to everyone who helped make this single possible! @dionne.osborne @jesseowenastin @adamfolsom I could go on and on! None of this would happen if it weren’t for you guys! And thank you to everyone who’s already purchased the song! I love the snaps and dms of y’all listening to it:) none of this is possible without you guys either! Thanks so much for supporting and believing in me. y’all rock! #newartist #blameitonmyroots #newbeginnings #lovemyfans #perfect #newmusic #singledebut” Tyler posted on her Facebook wall.

Travis is obviously very proud of his daughter and super supportive.

“I’m always thrilled to get to sing with my daughter, Tyler Reese Tritt!,” he wrote on social media.

Tyler isn’t the only child of Travis that might have a future in country music, just check out his son this past Halloween below!

Listen to the debut single from Tyler Reese Tritt, titled “Perfect”, below!

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