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trace adkins facts

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Check out these ten facts about country music entertainer Trace Adkins! The Louisiana native's life has been anything but boring...

How well do you know country music artist Trace Adkins? Check out this collection of ten facts— maybe you will learn something new!

1) How tall is Trace Adkins?

6’6″, in other words… Trace is huge!! He’s a whole head taller than his mama!

Happy Mother's Day to every mom, and especially my own! Love you, Mom!

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2) How many albums has Adkins sold?

An impressive 11 million so far!

3) What other type of music did Trace sing as a young man?

When the (now) country star was in high school he was a part of a gospel singing group, the New Commitment Quartet. He told Taste Of Country, “I think having sung gospel music was the most valuable thing I ever learned about music.” (Enjoy this high school basketball picture of the singer from way back when!)

4) Does Adkins like other genres of music?

Yes, Trace loves 80s rock n’ roll. His favorite rock bands are the Eagles, Journey, and Lynyrd Skynyrd.

5) How many acting jobs has Trace had?

The singer-songwriter has been in over a dozen movies including The Lincoln Lawyer, Deep Water Horizon and his most recent role, I Can Only Imagine was released in March. Trace was also the voice behind the mustached character Elvin Mackleston in Fox’s King Of The Hill.

6) What is his guilty pleasure?

Tractors. The “Ladies Love Country Boys” singer admits to tractors taking the role of his guilty pleasure. “I’ve got three tractors and I can’t justify having three. I guess that’s a guilty pleasure,” Trace told Taste of Country.

7) What is the worst thing that’s ever happened to Trace?

During an argument between he and his (then) second wife in 1994, she shot him in the chest. Though she almost cost him his life, the father of (then) two never pressed charges. The couple has since divorced… talk about a literal heartache!

8) How many kids does Trace have?

Trace has five children: Tara (35), Sarah (33), Mackenzie (20), Brianna (17) and Trinity (14)

9) Has the singer ever written a book?

Adkins has published two books; Then They Do (2003) and A Personal Stand: Observations and Opinions from a Freethinking Roughneck (2007).

10) What appendage did the country singer lose?

His pinky finger! While cutting a bucket with a knife, he accidentally chopped off his pinky finger on his left hand. Trace had the doctors sew it back on so he could continue to play guitar.

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