Luke Bryan’s Florida Beach House (Video Tour)

Luke Bryan Florida Beach House

photo: Artist Social Media and YouTube

Enjoy watching Luke Bryan's Florida Beach House video tour and see how this entire family has fun in the sun!

Luke Bryan’s Florida Beach House makes the perfect compliment to their farm living in Tennessee.  When tired of winter, the entire family can escape to Santa Rosa, Florida and enjoy the Florida sun and the sugar white sand.  The four-story beachfront home can house the entire family.  Watch the video tour to see the outside and interior design of the Beach House and see additional details below.

Luke Bryan’s Florida Beach House (Video Tour)

Luke Bryan’s Florida Beach House is the perfect destination for the family to chill out and relax.  The entire family clearly knows how to enjoy the pool and beach destination via the images in the video.  See additional details and photos below.

Luke Bryan Homes: Florida Beach House Retreat

Luke Bryan’s beach house is a slice of paradise in sunny Santa Rosa Beach, Florida!   Luke and his wife Caroline nicknamed the Florida property “Snowman,” in honor of the country singer’s late brother, Chris, who died in a car accident when Bryan was 19 years old.  In prior interviews Caroline stated, “Evidently, Chris wasn’t a great golfer (which in sports speak Snowman means scoring an eight on a single hole) and Snowman became his nickname”.

Luke and Caroline’s Snowman Beach House (Santa Rosa Beach, Florida)

Luke Bryan Florida Beach House
photo: YouTube and Social Media
 Luke is a simple man and likes to fish and be at the beach. The Bryan beach house was featured In a 2017 issue of Traditional Home Magazine.  The architect of the home is Geoff Chick & Associates that assisted the couple in adding the top floor to the beach house.  The Interior Designer was Chad James and his firm also completed the interior design for Luke’s farm house, guest house and party barn on his Tennessee property.  The photographer for many of the home photos was Alyssa Rosenheck.

The beach house is a place that the Bryan family can all be together as a family unit, which is a rare thing. “This is where Luke and I can actually relax and not run 100 miles per hour,” Caroline said. “Typically, all five kids (young sons Tate and Bo, nieces Kris and Jordan, and nephew Til) are here with us. There is nothing better. And Luke can fish all day, which makes him the happiest man on the Gulf.”

This entire family clearly loves the sun, the sand and all water activities.

The Bryan Family (including Luke’s Nephew Tilden and Nieces Jordan and Kris)

Luke Bryan Family
photo: Artist Social Media
The house’s designer wanted the home to reflect and serve the family’s need for peace in a world that is constantly moving.   “Luke, Caroline, and the boys are constantly on the go,” says Snowman’s interior designer Chad James. “This is really a space where they can check out and be reclusive. They can just shut off from the outside world for a bit.”  The color-scheme is a delightful blend of neutrals and ocean blue.  “We wanted to tap into the exterior elements,” James commented. “I have a favorite moment—right where the water meets the sky. It’s always such a beautiful dark blue. I used that for an accent color, and everything else pulls from the palette of sand and sea grass—neutral, natural colors.”

Luke Bryan Beach House Interior
photo: Traditional Home Magazine
The family’s two pups are frequent participants in Beach House activities.  Choc is the Chocolate Lab and Boss is an English Cocker Spaniel.

Luke Bryan Dogs
photo: Artist Social Media
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