12 Fast Facts About Blake Shelton’s First Wife, Kaynette Williams

Kaynette Williams

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After their 2006 divorce, Kaynette Williams left her ex-husband Blake Shelton and Oklahoma in the dust. More here!

Before marrying and then divorcing Miranda Lambert, Blake Shelton was married to fellow Oklahoma native Kaynette Williams (also known as Kaynette Gern) from November 17, 2003 until their split in 2006. Watch this video for a visual guide to Blake’s two marriages and learn more about Kaynette below…

Blake Shelton’s Two Marriages [Video]

Get to know more about the first Mrs. Shelton below!

blake shelton and kaynette williams wedding
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12 Kaynette Williams Facts

1) When Shelton and Williams ended their three year marriage – she claimed that the country singer was “guilty of inappropriate marital conduct.”

2) Though a friend’s Ebay account, Kaynette attempted to sell off her size 6 Demetrios wedding gown at a starting price of $700. No bids were made on the item.

3) Before Blake hit it big, Kaynette was his road manager when he first started out his country music career in Nashville.

4) After splitting from Blake, Kaynette left Nashville to return to Oklahoma. She then left for Kansas once Blake and Miranda moved to a neighboring Oklahoma town.

5) Kaynette Williams is an award-winning an elementary school teacher.

6) She is now married to rodeo champion Cody Joe Scheck— the world record holder for steer roping.

7) During their intimate wedding ceremony, Blake sang Conway Twitty’s “Julia” to his bride.

8) Blake was only 15-years-old and she was just out of high school when they met for the first time in their hometown of Ada, Oklahoma.

9) Shelton once compared the pain of his first divorce to losing his older brother Richie in a car accident.

10) Kaynette Williams has gone by multiple names over the years— Kaynette Gern, Kaynette Shelton, and Kaynette Scheck.

11) Kaynette was born on February 20, 1973. She is currently 48-years-old.

12) Kaynette’s zodiac sign is Pisces.

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Watch this bonus video from Conway Twitty:

“Julia” Lyrics

You were always there for me, Julia.
I was so afraid to fall in love.
I thought you’d wait for me,
Is it too late for me now?
Have you given up?
How it must have hurt you, Julia.
Waitin’ for your love to be returned.
I never knew how.
What can I do now that I
Have finally learned?
I never thought that love could hurt me,
Now I tremble at the thought of losing you.
And all the perfect words desert me now,
Just in case it matters,
I love you.
May I have this dance with you, Julia?
Won’t you let me hold you one more time?
The music is over,
But I’ll hold you closer this time, Julia.

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