The Garth Brooks Lip Sync Drama Continues

Garth Brooks Lip Sync


Check out the Garth Brooks Lip Sync controversy and drama surrounding several large scale performance . . .

The Garth Brooks Lip Sync topic has become a heated debate and a common country music fan question swirling across the internet.  Since Garth admitted to Lip Syncing at the 2017 CMA awards, a host of other events are now involved in the lip syncing drama.

Several Garth Brooks lip sync questions have emerged across the internet including:

  • Did Garth Brooks lip sync ACM awards?
  • Did Garth Brooks lip sync at the ACM awards performance?
  • Was Garth Brooks lip syncing Yankee Stadium performance?
  • Did Garth Brooks lip sync CMA awards?


Garth Brooks 2017 CMA Awards Performance

Yes, reigning ‘Entertainer of the Year’ Garth Brooks did lip sync during his 2017 CMA Awards performance of “Ask Me How I Know”. While backstage, the star explained his decision to the press.  “We’re in the middle of 12 shows in 10 days,’ Brooks shared. ‘Not 10 shows in 12 days, 12 shows in 10 days. We did a game-time call on whether to sing the track or lip-sync, and decided to lip sync.” He added, “The voice just isn’t there anymore, and you want to represent country music as best you can.”

Garth Brooks Lip Sync Controversy Discussed on the TV show “The View”:

Garth Brooks Lip Sync Interview Response

In another interview, Garth explained his decision to lip sync the CMA awards stating, “I think I know Tacoma really well, that was five nights (of shows there) three days right before (the CMAs), it’s an indoor football stadium, so you go in there and you’re just fighting your guts out to try and reach the person that’s in the very back … it’s real physical and real demanding but very rewarding. So I knew they were going to kick my (expletive) and then I’ve got seven nights in Spokane the day after the CMAs. So the week before Tacoma while we were in Nashville we went in and did a (pre-recorded) track just for the CMAs, and then decided we’d do a game-time decision, and when it was game time it wasn’t a hard decision for me to make at all. I don’t think it’s any secret some people have a different opinion. Knowing now what I knew then, even after all this crap, if it happened the same way again next week, I’d do lip syncing again“.

The admission of lip syncing drew a strong response from fellow Country Music artist, Eric Church.  Country music superstar Eric Church isn’t one to sugarcoat his true feelings when asked to share this opinion, not even when it involves a fellow country hit-maker. In his latest interview with Rolling Stone, the “Desperate Man” singer discussed Garth Brooks‘ decision to lip-sync his performance after winning ‘Entertainer of the Year’ at the 2017 CMA Awards in November.

“To me, lip-syncing is and always will be a red line. It’s fabricated. I don’t want young artists thinking it’s OK, because it’s not,” Church lamented about Brooks confessing during the following press conference that he opted to lip-sync his performance in order to save his voice.

As fans may recall, Brooks beat out Luke Bryan, Chris Stapleton, Keith Urban, and Eric Church for the honor of Entertainer of the Year..

“So the winner of the biggest category of the night lip-synced in the biggest moment on the show?” the star passionately added. “F— that! And I didn’t like his excuse at all. I felt like he was speaking for the other nominees. I can speak for myself – I’m not lip-syncing. If I can’t sing, I won’t sing, or I’ll sing badly. But at least you’ll get what you get.”

We believe that the question “Did Garth Brooks lip sync ACM awards” is actually just fan and rumor confusion with the 2017 CMA awards.  We don’t see any history of Garth Brooks lip syncing any Academy of Country Music (ACM) award performances.

There is additional fan controversy on whether Garth Brooks was lip syncing the Yankee Stadium performance that was streamed as a live concert on Direct TV.  Garth has not commented or confirmed any lip syncing involved in the Yankee Stadium performance.

Many artists have made the call to lip sync a performance.  Voice health, upcoming performance schedule, current stage setup and sound equipment tests all factor into an artist decision on whether to lip sync a specific event.   It appears that one lip sync event can spawn additional lip sync speculation and controversy.

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