Garth Brooks Albums: Complete Album Listing

Garth Brooks Albums

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Enjoy this listing of all Garth Brooks Albums including studio albums, live albums, compilations and boxed sets . . .

Garth Brooks Albums over the years have been several including:  16 studio albums, 2 live albums, 4 compilation albums and 8 boxed sets. Country music icon Garth Brooks, 59, was the first artist in history to receive seven Diamond awards for the now seven albums certified by the RIAA at over 10 million album sales each and remains the No. 1-selling solo artist in U.S. history certified by the RIAA with over 157 million album sales. The Oklahoman has also been inducted into the International Songwriters Hall of Fame in New York, the Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame, Country Music Hall of Fame and most recently, the Musicians Hall of Fame. The Garth Brooks World Tour with Trisha Yearwood wrapped up in December 2017 after an impressive three and a half year long run. The tour smashed records previously held by such acts as The Beatles and The Rolling Stones. Overall, the stint sold over 6.3 million tickets, making it the biggest North American tour in history and the biggest American tour in the world.

Enjoy this complete listing of all Garth Brooks albums and boxed sets below.

Garth Brooks Albums:  16 Studio Albums and 2 Live Albums

  1. 1981 Garth Brooks
  2. 1990 No Fences
  3. 1991 Ropin’ The Wind
  4. 1992 Beyond The Season
  5. 1992 The Chase
  6. 1993 In Pieces
  7. 1995 Fresh Horses
  8. 1997 Sevens
  9. 1998 Double Live
  10. 1999 In the Life of Chris Gaines
  11. 1999 Garth Brooks and the Magic of Christmas
  12. 2001 Scarecrow
  13. 2005 The Lost Sessions
  14. 2014 Man Against Machine
  15. 2016 Christmas Together (with Trisha Yearwood)
  16. 2016 Gunslinger
  17. 2018 Triple Live
  18. 2020 Fun


Garth Brooks Albums:  8 Boxed Sets

  1. 1998 The Limited Series
  2. 2005 The Limited Series 2
  3. 2013 Blame It All on My Roots:  Five Decades of Influences
  4. 2016 The Ultimate Collection
  5. 2016 Gunslinger and Christmas Together (with Trisha Yearwood)
  6. 2017 The Anthology Part I: The First Five Years
  7. 2018 The Anthology Part III: LIVE
  8. 2019 The Legacy Collection (release date to be determined)


Garth Brooks Albums:  4 Compilations

  1. The Garth Brooks Collection
  2. The Hits
  3. Songs from Call Me Claus
  4. The Ultimate Hits

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