Faith Hill Axe Throwing Skills are Real (Video)

Faith Hill Axe Throwing

photo: Artist Social Media

Enjoy watching Faith Hill's Axe throwing skills and see what Tim McGraw and Faith Hill are doing during the quarantine period...

Faith Hill Axe throwing skills are the real deal as she demonstrated her talent on a recent Mother’s Day outing.  Faith and Tim McGraw have been spending most of their time in Quarantine at their home in Nashville, Tennessee.  Fortunately, Tim McGraw treats Faith Hill right(as you would not want to get on Faith’s bad side).  Watch Faith’s Axe throwing outing,  see Tim’s tribute to mothers, and see what their 3 daughters are up to below.

Faith Hill Axe Throwing Skills are Real

Tim McGraw posted this touching tribute on Mother’s Day pointing out the we should celebrate mothers all of the time..

Tim’s latest song (I Called Mama) has been recently released and Tim shared this post from their Nashville home showing the touching family photos that hang on their wall.

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill have been enjoying some quality time with their youngest daughter.  Audrey McGraw (18), is finishing her senior year in high school and living at home. The Covid quarantine period has created a unique time period where Tim and Faith have been spending quality family time with their youngest daughter.  Tim and Faith will become empty nesters as Audrey graduates and heads off to college.  Gracie McGraw, the oldest, is now 23-years-old and recently relocated to Los Angeles to pursue acting.   Maggie McGraw (21), is attending Stanford University in California and is a member of a rock band and on the cheerleader squad.   Watch the video below for an update on all three daughters.

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill’s Daughters are Growing Up Fast (video)

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