Darius Rucker’s Message is Heartfelt and Poignant

Darius Rucker's message

photo: Darius Rucker Facebook

Darius Rucker's message regarding current events is emotional, completely honest, and will make you think. Read it here.

Country music star Darius Rucker has truly put his heart and soul out there via social media. George Floyd’s heinous death has sparked waves of protests throughout the globe and has caused many to react publicly. Read excerpts from Darius Rucker’s message below— it is a must-read.

“2020 has already been heartbreaking. Now, here we are having to again face the truth of racism and the pain and frustration of the African American community,” he shared. “As an American, a father, a son, a brother, a singer, a man… I have faced racism my whole life, from kindergarten to the life I live today. Racism is not a born thing; it is a taught thing. It is not a strong belief; it is a weak belief. It is not a financial issue; it is a hatred issue.”

“Over the course of my life, I guess I had just put it down to ‘that’s just the way it is.’ No, I know I had,” the South Carolina native continued. “It is no longer alright for me to perpetuate the myth that things are okay. I have kids whom I love and cherish, and to watch them go through this, to feel their anguish and anger trying to deal with this is heartbreaking for me. The question that keeps coming up is ‘will it ever change?’ And my answer now has to be ‘YES.'”

Rucker declared his support for peaceful protests. “We have to come together somehow, y’all. The only way it will ever change is if we can change people’s hearts. I don’t know how we are going to make that happen, but I am ready to try everything we have to do, because we need to do better.”

“I really hope that we get better as a nation,” he concludes. “My request to you guys is to search your heart on behalf of all of us, and root out any fear, hate or division you have inside of you. We need to come together.”

Make sure to read and reflect on Darius’ full message below. 

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