Brad Paisley’s Family Journey with Kimberly and 2 Sons (Video)

Brad Paisley's Family

photo: Artist Social Media and YouTube

Enjoy watching Brad Paisley's family journey video covering his life, marriage with Kimberly, and their two children (Huck and Jasper) . . .

Brad Paisley’s family is a tight knit unit comprised of his wife (Kimberly Williams Paisley) of 20 years and two handsome sons.  Their sons are growing up fast as Huck is now 16 years old and Jasper is 14 years old.  Brad Paisley is now 50 years old (born October 28, 1972).  Kim is now 51 years old (born September 14, 1971).  Enjoy watching the family’s journey in this video update and see additional details below.

Brad Paisley’s Family Journey Video

Brad Paisley’s Family:  Kimberly Williams Paisley

Brad Paisley first caught a glimpse of his future wife, actress Kimberly Williams, while watching 1991’s Father of the Bride with a former girlfriend. Needless to say, that girlfriend was long gone by the time Father of the Bride Part II came out in 1995— which Paisley went to see solo.  Brad asked Kimberly to appear in one of his music videos (I’m Gonna Miss Her) and the couple started dating in 2001.  Almost nine months later the couple was engaged and then married on March 15, 2003.   Brad and Kimberly have celebrated their 18th wedding anniversary!

Brad Paisley Wedding
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 Brad Paisley’s Family:  Huck and Jasper

The Paisleys are now proud parents to two young sons, William Huckleberry and Jasper Warren.  While Brad and Kimberly both juggle busy careers, they make sure to take the time to instill important traits in their children.  William Hickleberry Paisley was born February 22, 2007.  Jasper Warren Paisley was born April 17, 2009.

Juck and Jasper Paisley
photo: People Magazine
 Mom shared these adorable images when Jasper turned 10 years old.

Jasper Paisley
photo: Kimberly Williams Paisley Social Media
The boys are growing up fast and Annie (one of the family’s dogs) appears to think that she is a piano instructor.

Huck Paisley
photo: Kimberly Paisley Social Media
 Brad Paisley’s Family Pets

The family has an adopted rescue donkey named Oliver and two rescue dogs (Hoot is the white larger dog and Annie).

Brad Paisley Pets
photo: Artist Social Media
Brad Paisley Home (Outside of Franklin, Tennessee)

Brad and Kimberly have a large log cabin style home on 85 acres outside of Franklin, TN.  This provides plenty of room for the boys and the dogs to roam.  In interviews, Brad has also stated that Kimberly has a “she shed” on one side of the property and that he has a “He-Shed” on the other side of the property.  The couple sold their California home and Franklin, Tennessee is their primary residence.

Brad Paisley's Home
photo: YouTube and Artist Social Media
The Store Charity Project

Brad and Kimberly have recently joined forces with Belmont University to open a free grocery store to serve those in need in the Nashville area. The project is called ‘The Store’ and will be located next to the university’s Ministry Center. The couple also serve on the The Store’s Board of Trustees.

The Store
photo: Artist Social Media
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