7 Quick Brett Young Facts

Brett Young

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"Sleep Without You" singer Brett Young dreamed of pitching in the MLB. Instead, he is a rising country music star! Here are 7 fast facts about Brett Young.

See how many Brett Young facts that you know.  Emerging country music artist Brett Young, 38, hails from sunny Orange County, California. Learn more about the rising star here!

Brett Young Facts

1. Brett Young played college baseball. He was a pitcher for the University of Mississippi. Coming out of high school, he was called by two professional baseball teams, Tampa Bay and Minnesota. After serious consideration, Young decided to play in college to improve his draft stock. However, his baseball career ended after an elbow injury.

2. Brett Young Height – he stands tall at 6’6″ and between his height and his blue eyes, no wonder he draws the girls’ attention. His height definitely contributes to his athletic ability as well.

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3. Young has a planned list of activities when he can’t sleep. Young admits that his favorite thing to do when he can’t sleep is to drink a glass of Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey. The list also includes activities such as watching TV, listening to old music, and resisting the temptations of a late-night snack.

4. His first performances were leading worship services. When he was in high school, he was asked to perform on stage with the worship leader. The next week, Young led the service all by himself. Now he’s a budding country music star!

5. Young intends to carry on producing clean music. He wants his music to be available to all audiences. Young believes music should be made that men, women and children of all ages can listen to without being offended.

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6.  Brett Young Age – Many fans ask, “How Old is Brett Young”?  Brett is 38 years old (he was born March 31, 1981).

Watch this interview to learn more about Brett Young.

7.  Brett Young Wife – Brett is married to Taylor Mills Young.  The couple married in November of 2018 after knowing each other for over a decade.

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