[WATCH] the EXCLUSIVE Premiere of Smithfield’s Acoustic Video for “Good Ol’ Days”

Smithfield recently released their debut EP.

photo: c/o Smithfield

Smithfield recently released their debut EP.

The country duo Smithfield, which hails from Texas, is making waves in the Nashville scene with the release of their self-titled EP. The vocal pair bring the perfect combination of rock and country to their work on stage which can be heard in their single the “Good Ol’ Days”.

Country Fancast caught up with them recently to talk about the new EP, “Good Ol’ Days”, and Friday nights.

CFC: What was the inspiration behind the EP?

Smithfield: We wanted to find and convey the emotions of a young 20-something year old and the wide range of experiences you go through during that time. For some people you experience your first real heart break, or you really test your limits and try some things you never have. Maybe you’re just having a great time with your friends, or even something like figuring out the things that matter the most to you. We live a lot of what we sing about, and those snapshots of our experiences turned in to the inspiration for this EP.

CFC: What does “Good Ol’ Days” mean to you?

Smithfield: To us, “Good Ol’ Days” means living in the moment. The “Good Ol’ Days” happen all the time, so this song is a reminder that you have to focus on the here and now sometimes, because those will be a lot of the moments you will have the best memories of.

CFC: What was the best Friday night the two of you had together?

Smithfield: There’s probably been a few, but one of the best ones would be some of the July 4th parties our families used to have together growing up. We’ve both known each other since we were little kids, and our families go back even farther than that. We would all get together and have a cookout and shoot fireworks and play games for several years on July 4th. I’m pretty sure at least one of those fell on a Friday night. There’s probably some crazier Friday nights we’ve had separately. lol. Those are definitely some memories we’ll always cherish though.

“Good Ol’ Days”, featured in the video below, was produced by Adam Wood and written by Casey Derhak, Jennifer Fiedler, Trey Smith, and Adam Wood.

“Good Ol’ Days” by Smithfield (Video produced by Stokes Nielson)

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