Thompson Square Trivia Quiz

Thompson Square Trivia Quiz

photo: Thompson Square Facebook

Thompson Square's catchy tunes have brought them into the country music spotlight. Take this trivia quiz to find out how well you know Thompson Square!

Thompson Square Trivia – Do you think you know Thompson Square? Take this trivia quiz to test your knowledge on the country music duo!

photo: Official Thompson Square Website

 Thompson Square Trivia Questions

1.)  What is the relationship between Shawna and Keifer of Thompson Square?
a. Brother and sister
b. Husband and wife
c. Friends
d. Boyfriend and girlfriend

2.)  What was their first #1 hit single?
a. “Let’s Fight”
b. “If I Didn’t Have You”
c. “I Got You”
d. “Are You Gonna Kiss Me Or Not”

3.)  What is the name of their son?
a. Rigney Cooper Thompson
b. Bradley Cooper Thompson
c. Keifer Jr. Thompson
d. Cooper Alexander Thompson

4.)  What country singer is Thompson Square good friends with and has written songs with?
a. Luke Bryan
b. Kane Brown
c. Kip Moore
d. Hunter Hayes

5.)  Where did Keifer Thompson grow up?
a. Missouri
b. Oklahoma
c. Louisiana
d. Ohio

6.)  Where did Shawna Thompson grow up?
a. Alabama
b. Indiana
c. Florida
d. Texas

7.)  For Shawna and Keifer, it was love at first sight when they met in Nashville, Tennessee.  What were they in Nashville for?
a. visiting family
b. meeting with a record label
c. a music camp
d. a singing competition

8.)  The duo recorded a self-titled album first.  What was the name of their 2013 follow up record?
a. I Got You
b. Are You Gonna Kiss Me Or Not
c. Just Feels Good
d. I Love You

9.)  Who writes most of the lyrics for their songs?
a. Keifer
b. Shawna

10.)  The duo is currently in the process of recording their third studio album.  What genre especially has influenced some of the songs for this album? (Yes, there will still be ballads on this album).
a. Classical
b. Rap
c. Bluegrass
d. Rock

photo: Official Thompson Square Website

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Thompson Square Trivia Answers

1.) B – Husband and wife. Keifer and Shawna got married in May of 1999.  Just last year, they welcomed their son into the world!  They are definitely a country power couple.

2.) D – “Are You Gonna Kiss Me Or Not.”  This song was Thompson Square’s big break.  After about 15 years, Thompson Square finally entered the world of country music and haven’t looked back.  The song was also the first chart-topper for their record label, Stoney Creek Records.

3.) A – Rigney Cooper Thompson.  In January of 2016, the duo brought Rigney Cooper into the world.  They have adjusted their careers to fit their family life.  Now, they schedule shorter tours and hit the studio whenever they have some free time.

4.) C – Kip Moore.  Kip Moore is a good friend of the Thompsons.  He even co-wrote “All The Way” and “Let’s Fight” on the Thompson Square debut album!

5.) B – Oklahoma.  Keifer grew up in Miami, Oklahoma where he listened to a variety of music and eventually figured out his talent for songwriting.  He continues to listen to artists like Tom Petty and Bruce Springsteen.

6.) A – Alabama.  Shawna grew up in Chatom, Alabama.  Her father taught her how to play the guitar at a young age.  She often enjoyed listening to Reba McEntire and Alabama.

7.) D – A singing competition.  The duo moved to Nashville at the same time to compete in a singing competition as solo artists.  It was love at first sight, and they eventually decided to team up in their music careers (and in marriage)!

8.) C – Just Feels Good.  After their self-titled album, Thompson Square released a second album titled Just Feels Good.  The album includes hits such as “Everything I Shouldn’t Be Thinking About” and “If I Didn’t Have You.”

9.) A – Keifer.  Thompson Square is quite the team when it comes to writing music.  Keifer writes most of the lyrics for their songs, while Shawna comes up with the melody.

10.) D – Rock.  The husband-wife duo has revealed that their third album to be released will have songs influenced by rock music.  They wanted to experiment with different music styles, and both of them have been influenced by rock since childhood.  Keifer, especially, grew up listening to Bruce Springsteen and Tom Petty.  (There will still be ballads on the album, though.  Don’t worry!)

Thompson square "Are You Gonna Kiss Me Or Not"
photo: Thompson Square Website

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Check out the music video and lyrics for Thompson Square’s first No. 1 hit “Are You Gonna Kiss Me Or Not” by clicking below!

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