The Voice’s Super Bowl Commercial Was All Sorts of ‘Country’

the voice super bowl

photo: YouTube

The Voice's Super Bowl commercial will delight country music fans and fans of the program alike. Watch the commercial featuring all four coaches here!

In case you missed it, last Sunday was the Super Bowl. And while the football game was epic, we all know that the commercials surrounding the event are also a big draw for viewers. This year there was an array of great commercials from Amazon Alexa featuring Cardi B, Gordon Ramsey, and Sir Anthony Hopkins to the dynamic duo of Peter Dinklage and Morgan Freeman rapping for Doritos and Mountain Dew. However, one of the greatest commercials was undoubtedly brought to us by The Voice.

The popular reality television singing competition, now armed and dangerous with new coach Kelly Clarkson, amused fans with a next-level commercial. What seemed like a typical commercial with Blake Shelton quickly turned into play on the stereotypical country music video.

In the opening scene, you see a small farmhouse with none other than Blake Shelton sitting on the front porch singing out a line about puppies and Clydesdales. Right when you think things can’t get better, Adam Levine pops out of nowhere with a mustache that’s hard to miss. Now, it’s just the two main coaches. It makes sense that they would be the first two in the commercial considering that they have been together in it from the start. Moreover, Blake is a six-time voice winner and Adam has won three times. They follow the two longtime voice coaches with Alicia Keys, who naturally sings in a country twang about playing the piano. Then Alicia sings “Just three voice coaches sitting all alone” and waves her hands and a children’s choir starts singing. Her lyrics signal that there is one Voice coach still missing.

Vocal powerhouse and frequent country music collaborator Kelly Clarkson is then shown singing in a field with a very long train flying elegantly in the breeze. Together the four coaches and a choir harmonize. It’s pretty epic. Don’t believe me? Check it out below.

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