The Last Bandoleros Where Do You Go Video

The Last Bandoleros Whre Do You Go

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The Last Bandoleros Where Do You Go is the first single from this rising Country Music band and the first song they wrote.  The band exists because it wrote this song. “It started as a writing project,” says drummer Emilio Navaira IV. “As soon as that happened, it was like, ‘This is something else. It’s special. It’s a band.’ ”Much like one of their influences, The Beatles, the Bandoleros are a group that operates with a lot of playful sarcasm.

“Where Do You Go?” “started with the verse,” continues Fuentes. “We all put guitars in our hands, and we literally started throwing out ideas. It just becomes a whirlpool of ideas.” That concoction includes thick, accomplished harmonies — a la Restless Heart or Little Texas — layered over a rambunctious backbeat akin to the Dwight Yoakam/Buck Owens version of “Streets of Bakersfield.” That upbeat sound rubs against the lyric, which finds a confused guy obsessing about a woman who’s both flirtatious and elusive. “We were kind of going for like a [Rolling] Stones ‘Satisfaction’ or like a Beatles ‘Day Tripper’ kind of thing,” says Diego. “The sound is up and happy, but the lyric is not. Not that it’s sad, but he’s sort of screwed up or twisted by this female.”

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 The Last Bandoleros EP Album

Watch the official “Where Do You Go” video below

The Last Bandoleros Where Do You Go Video


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