The Amazing Story of Marty Stuart and Connie Smith’s Marriage

Marty Stuart and Connie Smith

photo: Marty Stuart Website

Music icon Marty Stuart married Connie Smith in 1997 and he was 17 years younger than her. Here he talks about how the couple found love with each other.

When Marty Stuart was 12-years old he met country music singer Connie Smith and literally fell in love. On the way home he told his mother that he was going to marry her.

“She was my mother’s favorite singer. We had a record of her at our house called ‘Miss Smith Goes to Nashville.’ It had a beautiful photograph of her on the cover,” Stuart said in an interview. “I thought she was the prettiest girl in the world, so I had my mama take me to buy me a yellow shirt, so Connie would notice me that night”.

At the time Smith was 17-years old. Decades would follow and it wasn’t until Smith asked Stuart to help produce her album that Stuart’s prediction started to come true.

Connie Smith is now 77 years old (born August 14, 1941) and Marty Stuart is 60 years old (born September 30, 1958).  In the video below, Stuart explains that it was during writing sessions that he began to remember his old childhood crush on Smith. The pair were writing love songs for her album and the feelings started to overtake him.

“This does not line up, I was fighting it and resisting it” Stuart confessed of his budding emotions for Smith. He decided to do the only thing he could think to do, he called his mother for advice.

“I said ‘mama I need to come talk to you’, and I laid out everything I was feeling and the impossibilities and how ridiculous it all looked on paper. She let me get it all out and she said ‘son, 5 minutes of the right thing is better than 50 years of the wrong thing’ and I said ‘case closed’” Stuart recalls in the video.

After the pep talk, Stuart asked Smith to meet him in the parking lot of a grocery store in Nashville. When he found her there he walked up to her car and kissed her. Smith replied with “let’s do that again!’ and the romance officially started there.

The couple were married on a Native American reservation in the Dakotas and have lived happily ever after since!

Watch the sweet video below of Marty Stuart talking about his marriage to Connie Smith:

Marty Stuart on Marrying Connie Smith Video

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