The Shania Twain Now Album

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photo: Shania Twain Facebook

Now that Shania Twain is back in the spotlight she is letting her fans know about the hardships she endured during her “time away” from the main stage.

The Shania Twain Now Album was her 5th studio album released in 2017.  Shania Twain’s album, Now, put her back in the spotlight in full force. The Canadian songstress has endured a divorce and devastating illness during the past 15 years, but she is ready to let life get good again.

Even though Now has some songs that are about her divorce from her longtime manager/husband Mutt Lange, who was allegedly having an affair with Twain’s friend and assistant Marie-Anne Thiébauld, Twain insists that it is not a “divorce” album.

“Being a celebrity and getting divorced is always going to be a highlight in every celebrity’s life if they have a divorce,” Twain said. “The album does not highlight the divorce. I just think in people’s minds, that is my highlight low but in perspective now and during the process of writing the album, I was reflecting more on my whole life and all of the ups and downs of my whole life, there have been many ups and downs.”

Twain ended up marrying Marie-Anne Thiébauld’s husband, Frederic, after they divorced and is now very happy in love, which means she has a lot of happiness on the album too.

Divorce wasn’t the only issue Twain had to overcome these past 15 years to make her comeback, she also suffered from Lyme disease and the possible side effect Dysphonia.

“I couldn’t get any volume [with my voice] and when I did it was just this really witchy sort of crying sound, it was awful,” Twain said of her condition Dysphonia. “I went through a phase of letting go and grieving over that loss—that I would never be a singer again. It was really, really, really a terrible thing.”

The release of Now tomorrow will announce Twain’s triumph over all the obstacles life has thrown her way, and it’s safe to say she is ready for the next chapter of her career.

“I needed time,” Twain told a Canadian news outlet. “But I’m back now. This album feels like closure for me. It’s one of those things when you know that you’re ready. It’s been a work in progress for a while. It came to a point where I wanted a new beginning, new phase. I just knew it was time.”


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