RaeLynn Tailgate Video with Florida Georgia Line

raelynn tailgate

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Watch country artist RaeLynn own the stage with her buddies Florida Georgia Line! Her newest track, "Tailgate" will have you wanting to dance along with her!

Watch the RaeLynn Tailgate Video with Florida Georgia Line and compare the live performance to the official Tailgate video.  Country music star RaeLynn is celebrating the end of the summer season doing what she knows best— singing! This country gal sang live at the Faster Horses Festival alongside her friends, Florida Georgia Line! Her brand new song, “Tailgate,” was a BIG crowd pleaser.

RaeLynn worked extremely hard to put this track together with the help of FGL’s Tyler Hubbard, Canaan Smith, and Corey Crowder. All of that hard work paid off because “Tailgate” is the feisty anthem we’ve been waiting for…

RaeLynn Tailgate Video with Florida Georgia Line

RaeLynn is all about creating tracks that her audience can have fun listening to and nailed it with “Tailgate”!

“Lately when it comes to songwriting, I’ve made it a point to just have fun and create music that feels good,” RaeLynn said in a recent interview. “The day we wrote ‘Tailgate,’ I told Canaan, Corey and Tyler that if the song doesn’t make me want to dance then I don’t want to cut it. Without fail, ‘Tailgate’ makes me want to dance on stage every single time I perform it and when you hear it you can’t help but sing along.”

While this song is one that is hard not to dance to, it’s also one that holds a special place in the young singer’s heart.

It also comes from a real place because I’ve been driving the same truck since I was 18 years old. The first car that I ever owned was a Ford F-150 and I got to thinking about all the trouble I’d have been in with mama and dad if that truck ever told a secret on me. I think everyone remembers that first car or truck and all the secrets it kept for them growing up. I’m so excited to share it with everyone because it’s definitely the perfect song to open the flood gates of what we are creating!”

Compare the live performance with FGL to the official music video below.

RaeLynn Tailgate Video (Official Music Video)

We’re so excited to see what other fun tracks RaeLynn comes out with! Share this with other fans!

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