Meet Jon Pardi’s Girlfriend, Summer Duncan

Meet Jon Pardi's Girlfriend, Summer Duncan

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Jon Pardi and his girlfriend Summer Duncan met in one of the most adorable and best possible ways: through the singer’s mother.

In a world where most couples are both equally famous, it’s refreshing to see a top country music star dating a “normal” person. Jon Pardi’s main squeeze is a hair stylist from northern California that met Pardi through his sweet mom.

Pardi’s momma just knew that he would hit it off with the blonde Duncan and she encouraged his future girlfriend to fly out to one of his shows to meet him.

Top Golf shenanigans with the crew 🤗

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“So she flew out to the most romantic place you can ever fly a girl out to: the Grizzly Rose,” Pardi said sarcastically. “It’s this super honky-tonk, one of my favorite bars.”

Love these people!

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Duncan, being a smart girl, brought a friend along to that first meeting and was prepared to run if her creep radar went off.

“Yeah,” Pardi said, “she had a whole escape plan, you know, in case I was creepy.”

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Obviously that first meeting went great and the couple quickly became a thing. Duncan attended the 2017 Country Music Awards with the “Head Over Boots” singer, where he won the prestigious award for New Artist of the Year.

It is reported that Duncan also had moved to Nashville to be with the singer more full time, although because of his tour schedule they are away from each other a lot. The move to Nashville has not been confirmed and according to Duncan’s Facebook profile she still lives in Clovis, California.

“it’s not a normal relationship,” Pardi said. “It’s not like we’re home every night, but she comes out on the road with me some. … We have a good time together.”

Definitely a birthday weekend for the books 💃🏼✨🎂

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And to think that this lovely relationship all started because of the wonderful woman below….mom knows best!

Happy Mother’s Day! To the best mom who loves bulldogs!

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Pardi recently released his sexiest song yet called “Night Shift”, which is from his second studio album California Sunrise. This single will be the last one from this album as he gears up to release new music next year. “Night Shift” is the first sultry song from Pardi and we can’t help but think it was inspired by Duncan. O the romance!

You can check out the new single below!

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