Luke Combs’ Parents Are the Key to His Success [Pictures]

luke combs' parents

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This star has made a name for himself and credits his success to his parents. Learn about Luke Combs' parents here!

Country music star Luke Combs‘ rise to fame did not come without hard work! Before his hits were climbing the charts and fans were screaming his name, Luke spent years playing in dive bars and taking trips to Nashville to get his name out there. Learn how Luke Combs’ parents, Rhonda  and Chester Combs, supported him along the way!

With massive success comes immense pressures. During CMA Fest 2019, Luke took some time to give his mom and dad credit for helping him get where he is in his career but more importantly teaching him how to be a kind-hearted person.

“Just be nice to people is number one. That goes a really, really long way,” Luke begins. “I think a lot of people forget that. There’s just no reason not to be nice to people, unless they give you a reason to not be nice to them.”

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This will forever be one of my favorite pictures for so many reasons. I love you so unbelievable much mom. Hope you have the best Mother's Day.

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The “Hurricane” singer didn’t stop there. He shared some more valuable advice that his parents taught him with the world!

“Second off is work hard,” said Luke. “I think three is probably being financially sound, not wasting money. My parents have always been really great at living within their means and not buying anything that they couldn’t afford. I didn’t understand how important that was until I started working. My parents just always told me, ‘If you want something and you can’t afford it, just don’t get it.'”

With his success, Luke is making sure he’s taking care of his mother and father— the people who did so much for him growing up.

“My parents are super proud,” Combs shared with Willie Geist on Sunday Today. “Not everybody comes from the same situation, but my parents didn’t have a lot of money. Obviously financially I’ve gotten to help them out a lot, and so that’s been great. To see them be able to go travel, and experience things they’ve always wanted to do –– getting to watch them do things is the whole reason I do it.”

“I don’t do it for me,” the star continued. “Some of my best friends in the band, and just people who are good people, getting to watch them live their dreams while I live my dream, you can’t beat that.”

Luke has come a long way from being a 21-year-old go-cart place worker in Asheville, North Carolina! After dropping out of Appalachian State University, he headed straight to Nashville and the rest is country music history!

Luke Combs’ Parents, Chester Combs and Rhonda, at The Grand Ole Opry

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