Luke Bryan Embraces Reality-Check While Doing Charity Work

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photo: Luke Bryan Instagram

Country music entertainer Luke Bryan's charity work is an important and humbling part of his life. More on the star's ongoing efforts here.

Country music hit-maker Luke Bryan continuously puts his stardom to good use as he helps support many causes and organizations. He and wife Caroline have made it clear that they are passionate about giving back, as they’ve supported causes such as The Red Cross, City of Hope, the TJ Martell Foundation, and their own The Brett Boyer Foundation efforts. All of which not only remind Luke to stay humble and appreciate the life he lives, but to stay in touch with reality and to take a step back from his own complaints.

The “Most People Are Good” singer reflects on his philanthropic work in a positive light as he shares that it provides him a great deal of warmth. It is no secret that Luke has changed many lives through his music and his philanthropic interests. This picture says just that…

“It never fails that the day I’m volunteering will be a day when I’m complaining about a sinus infection or I’m just worn down. When I’m having those moments where I’m being a prima donna, next thing I know, I have a Make-a-Wish kid visiting, and it just makes me go, ‘Hush your mouth and understand how good you have it,'” Bryan explained to The Boot and other media outlets.

The star believes that stepping away from the spotlight and helping others is always worthwhile. Whether they’re with a Make A Wish kiddo or working with doctors at the Vanderbilt University Medical Center, Luke and Caroline cherish every moment they can help out.

As fans can recall, Luke and Caroline lost their infant niece, Sadie Brett Boyer, back in February 2017 due to a series of health issues. The The Brett Boyer Foundation was created by Brett’s loving parents, Bo and Ellen Boyer, in honor of their little girl’s memory.

“I wouldn’t change Brett for the world, but I do want to change the world for her and all of her friends with DS [Down syndrome],” Ellen explained in a heartfelt message posted on the organization’s official website.

 The Brett Boyer Foundation’s goal is as follows:

“The mission of the Brett Boyer Foundation is to raise awareness for children with Congenital Heart Disease and Down Syndrome through the funding of advanced, targeted research to improve patients’ lives and to provide education, housing and financial support to affected families.”

We look forward to seeing more of Luke and Caroline’s efforts make an impact. By the way, something big is brewing at Brett’s Barn…

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