Kenny Chesney Drops “Knowing You” Music Video

Knowing You

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Country music superstar Kenny Chesney reaches into the grace and gratitude of loss for his new song, “Knowing You”!

Country music superstar Kenny Chesney reaches into the grace and gratitude of loss for his new song, “Knowing You”! The classic country waltz embraces someone who’s gone – a lover, soulmate, friend or relative – from a place of how good it was, how much was learned and how alive what was shared makes you feel.

Shooting the music video in Gloucester, Mass. and St. Croix, in the Virgin Islands, longtime director/collaborator Shaun Silva brought a cinematic approach to a strong man living his life, a season of wonder and exhilaration and the way gratitude emerges for the ones who set us free. As the voice-over of one of three movie-type trailers intones, “Not everything is meant to last…You don’t think about that when it’s perfect. And when it’s over, there’s a huge hole, but there’s also a pair of wings…”

In the official music video filmed last fall, viewers can feel the cold through the grainy black and white footage of Chesney, his real-life boat captain Ben and others working on a fishing boat in the Atlantic off the Northeast Coast. Showing a man in full, doing hard physical work in rough conditions, the sense of loss is not only palpable, it’s also juxtaposed with the vibrant full-color images of the singer and someone special on a boat in the Caribbean. The brightness and intensity of the footage provide a template for what feeds the man going forward in life, made so much more for experiencing that love.

“This song could be so many things to so many people,” shares Chesney. “However the other person faded from your life, it doesn’t have to be sad, or it can be as complete as losing your spouse, family, your best friend or band member. Those moments you shared were so electric and so alive, you’re forever more… and though they’re gone, you’re always better for what was shared.

“I wanted to make a video where people could see it, even feel that connection and how it holds you going forward. To me, the people who touch your life in profound ways are everything, so this song – and this video – are for them.”

“Knowing You” Music Video


“Knowing You” Audio


“Knowing You” is the third single from his Here & Now album. Share this music video with other fans!

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