Christmas 2019: Kip Moore’s Christmas Memories

Kip Moore's Christmas

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Kip Moore's Christmas memories include renting movies with his family, staying up late, and going fishing with his father. More here!

Country music star Kip Moore‘s Christmas memories growing up include video rentals and fishing!

“Growing up, the night before Christmas, we would rent a bunch of movies. My dad would take us to the store, the video store and we would rent a bunch of movies and we’d watch them all through the night. That was always a thing that we’d look forward to was all hanging out together and laugh until 3 or 4 or 5 in the morning, then waking up two hours later for the presents. I hope that I can carry that out when I have a family – I’m still a little ways away from that,” Kip shared with his record label, UMG Nashville. “But, I hope, there comes a time for that when I can, you know, I think all of the video stores will be gone by then, so I guess that’ll be a Netflix night, but hopefully I can do that kind of stuff. I really miss it bad going on the fishing trips. I grew up going on tons of fishing trips with my dad and brothers, and usually the holidays were a time to get to do that again, and I hope I can be half as awesome as my dad was with us, and knowing how much he worked taking the time to take us on those fishing trips.”

Sadly, Kip’s father passed away a few years ago but we hope the Moore boys revive their yearly holiday fishing trips. The Georgia native will take some time off after the holidays, but he is working his way up the country charts with his latest single, “She’s Mine.”

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“She’s Mine” Lyrics

I’ve  been looking for a while
Been close a couple times
Man, she’s hard to find
And towns
Everywhere  along the map
Well, I’ve traveled there and back
And I wonder where she’s at
Yeah,  maybe she’s in Dallas
Cheering for the Cowboys
Maybe laying low down in Mexico
I know she loves the sunshine
Yeah,  maybe she’s in Vegas
At a table dealing Blackjack
Hey, if you wouldn’t mind
If you see her out tonight
Tell her she’s mine
It’s a crazy ride, isn’t it?
I’m loving every minute
But it’d be better with her in it, yeah
Maybe she’s living in a small town
And she’s taught to fear the Bible
But she’s got a couple friends that she runs around with
Dancin’ with the Devil
Maybe she’s sittin’ in a café
In a lonely crowded city
Hey, if you wouldn’t mind
If you see her out tonight
Tell her she’s mine
Tell her I’m comin’
I’m runnin’
Yeah, I’m sorry I’m late
That I want her
I love her
And I just can’t wait to meet her someday
Hell, maybe she’s a hippie
Hangin’ on the west coast
With flowers in her hair
Prob’ly doesn’t care
‘Bout nothin’ but a good time
Maybe she’s living up in New York
Working down on Wall Street
Hey, if you wouldn’t mind
If you see her out tonight
Tell her she’s mine
Yeah, tell her she’s mine
Tell her she’s mine
Hey, if you wouldn’t mind
If you see her out tonight
Tell her she’s mine

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