These are Banned from Keith Urban & Nicole Kidman’s Home…

nicole kidman's home

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Country music star Keith Urban and actress Nicole Kidman's home is not as technology-friendly as you would expect. More on the family here!

Country music superstar Keith Urban and award-winning actress Nicole Kidman can certainly afford any gadget or new piece of must-have technology, but that’s not how they choose to live.

The pair’s Nashville home is a ‘no-devices house’ and that rule even extends to the friends daughters Sunday Rose, 12, and Faith Margaret, 9, bring over.

“We have periods at home where we don’t turn on the TV and try to have a detox from it all,” Kidman shared with the Guardian in a 2018 interview. “I can recommend that to anyone. Like everyone, I worry about all the anger that seems to be around. What do you do? In our case, we have some land and some animals. I left home yesterday and my children were up in the tree house, with eight friends over. We have a no-devices house. Their friends can’t bring devices over. The general rule is: play, hard core and outside.”

Having their home-base in Tennessee gives the family of four an option to enjoy a slower pace and enjoy nature. Although both are well-known celebrities, they feel like their privacy is protected by the community.

“We go to Catholic church, or sometimes we will go to a gospel church for the music,” Nicole added about her family life. “That singing and joy is so wonderful.”

Not surprisingly, Nicole and Keith have vetoed Sunday’s desire to start her own Instagram account.


“I won’t let them be on Instagram … I have a 12-year-old right now who is chomping at the bit, wanting to like get into all of that,” Kidman shared during a new interview with the British talk show Loose Women. “And I’m like, ‘No no, no.’ It’s just that constant push, pull and I would say a lot of parents would say the same thing. Am I right?”


Beyond their children, Keith and Nicole have a pretty straightforward approach to communicating while away from each other.

“We’ve never texted,” Kidman confessed to Parade in a past interview. “That is so not our relationship, which is interesting right? We call.”

The actress explained, “We just do voice to voice or skin to skin, as we always say. We talk all the time and we FaceTime but we just don’t text because I feel like texting can be misrepresentative at times.”

It’s encouraging to see people who seemingly ‘have it all’ value the simple things and embrace being low-tech. Share this closer look at Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman’s home life with other fans of this country music family!

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