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John Prine

photo: Joshua Britt/Courtesy of the artist

John Prine has been popular in the Country music genre for decades. Think you know him? Take this quick quiz to find out!

John Prine Trivia – John Prine is still producing music today. In fact, he just released an album last year titled For Better, or Worse. Take this fun quiz to see how well you know John Prine. Be sure to check the bottom of the page for answers!

John Prine Trivia Questions

1. Where was John Prine born?

a.) Missouri
b.) Illinois
c.) Indiana
d.) Iowa

2. How old is he?

a.) 60
b.) 65
c.) 72
d.) 75


photo: Facebook

3. What year did Prine release his debut album?

a.) 1955
b.) 1968
c.) 1971
d.) 1988

4. What is the title of John Prine’s 2016 album?

a.) Fair & Square
b.) Spark
c.) Aimless Love
d.) For Better, or Worse

5. Which unusual job did he have before music?

a.) Mailman
b.) Barber
c.) Firefighter
d.) Paramedic


photo: Wikipedia

6. Which famous music artist played harmonica at a John Prine concert?

a.) Johnny Cash
b.) Bob Dylan
c.) Jimi Hendrix
d.) Eric Clapton

7. Is John Prine a member of the Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame?

a.) Yes
b.) No
c.) He will be someday
d.) He is not qualified

8. Does John Prine still tour?

a.) Yes
b.) No
c.) He never has
d.) He is too sick


photo: Youtube

9. What is the name of the music label created by Prine?

a.) Atlantic Records
b.) Oh Boy Records
c.) Pacific Records
d.) Oh Girl Records

10. Which famous musician admits to using John Prine for inspiration?

a.) Jimi Hendrix
b.) Bob Dylan
c.) Johnny Cash
d.) Billy Joel


John Prine Trivia Answers

1. B

  • He was born in Maywood, Illinois

2. C

  • He was born on October 10, 1946

3. C

  • 1971

4. D

  • For Better, or Worse

5. A

  • He was a mailman for five years

6. B

  • Bob Dylan

7. A

  • Yes. He was inducted in 2003

8. A

  • Yes! Check out his website for dates and locations

9. B

  • Oh Boy Records was formed in 1984

10. C

  • Johnny Cash


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