George Strait’s Grandson Helps Out on “God and Country Music”

george strait's grandson

photo: YouTube

Country music legend George Strait's grandson, Harvey, joined him in the recording studio for "God and Country Music." Listen to the track here!

The King of Country recruited a special guest to feature on his brand new album. Honky Tonk Time Machine. which was just released on Friday, March 29th! George Strait’s grandson, six-year-old Harvey, can be heard at the end of the “God and Country Music” track.

The grandpa and grandson duo had a fun time recording together. “When I recorded this record, we did it in Key West and I had my grandson down there with me, and we went every day to the studio, and so he’d have to get his charts and lyrics and follow along with everybody else,” Strait shared with Nashville Pressroom. “But we ended up putting him on the song ‘God and Country Music,’ and he’s there on the end of it. It’s the first time I’ve ever got to sing with my grandson; maybe it’s the first of many.”

Check George Strait’s grandson doing his thing below!

“I went in there and I kinda did it with him, and then I would kinda just back out and leave him, and so that’s how it worked out,” he went on to say. “He was all for it. He was all about doing it. He got really involved in that record. For six years old [laughs], that’s pretty good.”

Watch the pair performing live together!

Following the Troubadour’s album release on Friday, he took the stage on Saturday in Atlanta. George’s opening acts included Chris Stapleton, Ashley McBryde, and Chris Janson.

The country music icon took his excitement about the release of his new album to Instagram. “I’m pretty excited that ‘Honky Tonk Time Machine’ is out now. You can buy it or stream it at the link in the bio. Hope you like it!” he posted alongside a video of himself.

Honky Tonk Time Machine is now available everywhere! Share this update involving George Strait’s grandson with other fans!

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