Remember When Garth Brooks Emerged as Rocker Chris Gaines?

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photo: Chris Gaines MySpace/ Garth Brooks Facebook

Garth Brooks tried something very unusual during the height of his career. He decided to create new persona, an alter-ego Rock musician named Chris Gaines. Brave, or foolish? You decide.

Many years ago, there was a very talented musician named Garth Brooks who created the most pleasing country music. This young star made a name for himself by selling millions and millions of albums. Then, something strange happened. The country music star wanted to try an experiment. He decided to create an alter-ego, a rock musician named Chris Gaines. Many of his fans were confused and sadden. As time went on, the experiment flopped and the star returned to his country music roots.

The Experiment – Garth Brooks as Chris Gaines

Chris Gaines was a fictional character created for a film titled, The Lamb. The film was to be produced by Garth Brooks’ company Red Strokes Entertainment in partnership with Paramount Pictures. Prior to the film, an album was released and a fake documentary was produced. The “mockumentary” was titled Behind The Life of Chris Gaines’ Life. Actors, along with real musicians, producers, and journalists became part of the experiment. Music producer, Don Was and journalist, Melinda Newman joined the project adding real-life legitimacy to the fake documentary. The album titled, Garth Brooks In…The Life of Chris Gaines was released a year before it was to become the sound track for the film. Unfortunately, the album didn’t cause much excitement and was considered flopped. As a result, the film was never made and the whole project was abandoned in 2002.

By the way, if you miss Chris Gaines— you can still find him on MySpace.

Watch Garth attempt to explain Chris in the clip below…

Garth Brooks Returns to Country Music

Garth Brooks quickly returned to country music with the album Scarecrow released November 13, 2001. His fans have happily supported him ever since. To date, Brooks has released ten studio albums, one live album, and 51 singles. His albums have gone Platinum 137 times, selling a total of 70.5 million albums in the United States.  Seven of his albums have achieved Diamond status in the U.S. and worldwide his sales are estimated at 150 million records. Over 17 years have passed since the ill-fated experiment and to this day, Garth Brooks continues to entertain his fans with outstanding concerts and great country music. Recently, he was awarded the 2017 CMA Award for Entertainer of the Year. This is his sixth Country Music Association Entertainer of the Year win. Congratulations!

You’ve made me feel like the EOTY all tour long! Thank YOU!!! love, g #CMAawards

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