Remember When Carrie Underwood Went ‘Enchanted?’


photo: Country Music Association

A throwback to when country music superstar Carrie Underwood temporarily became a cartoon for the movie 'Enchanted'...

In 2007, Carrie Underwood starred in this super cute music video and provided the vocals for Enchanted’s country/pop number “Ever Ever After.” The family-friendly film starred Amy Adams, Patrick Dempsey, James Marsden, Idina Menzel (of Frozen fame), and Susan Sarandon and mixes the traditional animated fictional world of Andalasia with the live-action world of New York City.

Check out Carrie Underwood’s cartoon makeover below!

“Ever Ever After” Lyrics 

Storybook endings, fairy tales coming true
Deep down inside we want to believe they still do
In our secretest heart, it’s our favourite part of the story
Let’s just admit we all want to make it too

Ever ever after
If we just don’t get it our own way
Ever ever after
It may only be a wish away

Start a new fashion, wear your heart on your sleeve
Sometimes you reach what’s real just by making believe
Unafraid, unashamed
There is joy to be claimed in this world
You even might wind up being glad to be you

Ever ever after
Though the world will tell you it’s not smart

Ever ever after
The world can be yours if you let your heart
Believe in ever after

No wonder your heart feels it’s flying
Your head feels it’s spinning
Each happy ending’s a brand new beginning
Let yourself be enchanted, you just might break through

To ever ever after
Forever could even start today
Ever ever after
Maybe it’s just one wish away
Your ever ever after

Oh, for ever ever after

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