Country Music Marriages that Got It Right the 1st Time (Video)

Country Music Marriages

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Enjoy watching this video celebration of Country Music Marriages that got it right the first time and have been married over 7 years with no divorces in the relationship. . .

Many Country Music Marriages did not work out the first time for hundreds of country music artists…here we celebrate the 25 marriages that lasted over 7 years and worked the first time around.  Watch the video celebration of successful first time country music marriages and see more details below.

Country Music Marriages Successful the First Time Around (Video)

Click the play button to watch the 25 country music marriages that have lasted over 7 years and were successful the first time around . . .

Here are some additional details of the marriages that were featured in this video udpate.

Country Music Marriages (7 – 14 years of marriage)

Here are 13 successful country music couples that have been married for 7 – 14 years:
1 Thomas and Lauren Rhett (7 years of marriage)
2 Hillary Scott and Chris Tyrrell
3 Kellie Pickler and Kyle Jacobs
4 Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher
5 Chris and Kelly Lynn Janson
6 Granger and Amber Smith
7 Charles and Cassie Kelley
8 Eric and Katherine Church
9 Justin and Kate Moore
10 Chris and Morgane Stapleton
11 Luke and Caroline Bryan
12 Karen Fairchild and Jimi Westbrook
13 Dierks and Cassidy Bentley (14 years of marriage)

Next are 12 marriages that have lasted over 15 years.

Country Music Marriages (15 – 53 years of marriage)

  1.  Walker and Laney Hayes (15 years of marriage)
  2. Josh and Jennifer Turner
  3. Brad and Kimberly Paisley
  4. Darius and Beth Rucker
  5. Shawna and Keifer Thompson
  6. Clint and Lisa Black
  7. Martina and John McBride
  8. Toby and Tricia Keith
  9. Kix and Barbara Brooks
  10. Alan and Densie Jackson
  11. George and Norma Strait
  12. Dolly Parton and Carl Dean (53 years of marriage)

The video above includes the years of marriage for each couple.  Remember to share this country music news video update with other Country Music fans.


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