Conway Twitty Trivia Quiz

Conway Twitty Trivia Quiz

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Conway Twitty was an extremely popular Country music artist for decades. How well do you know him? Take this quick quiz to find out!

Conway Twitty Trivia – see how much you know about this legendary Country Music singer.

Conway Twitty Trivia Quiz

1. What was Conway Twitty’s birth name?

a.) Conway Twitty
b.) Steve Conway
c.) Harold Jenkins
d.) Harold Davis

2. Where was Conway Twitty born?

a.) Texas
b.) Oklahoma
c.) Mississippi
d.) Tennessee

3. In 1970, Twitty released his most popular Country song. What was it called?

a.) “Hello Darlin'”
b.) “Don’t Call Him a Cowboy”
c.) “The Grandest Lady of Them All”
d.) “The Devil Went Down to Georgia”


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4. Which sport did Conway Twitty have a chance to play professionally?

a.) Golf
b.) Tennis
c.) Soccer
d.) Baseball

5. Is he a member of the Country Music Hall of Fame?

a.) Yes
b.) No
c.) He will be someday
d.) He never will be

6. Before becoming a Country star, he played music from what other genre?

a.) Hip Hop
b.) Rap
c.) Jazz
d.) Rock ‘n’ Roll

7. What year did Conway Twitty pass away?

a.) 1976
b.) 1988
c.) 1993
d.) 2006


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8. Where is he buried?

a.) Mississippi
b.) Maryland
c.) Missouri
d.) Tennessee

9. Did Conway Twitty serve in the military?

a.) He volunteered
b.) He was drafted
c.) He was killed
d.) He never served

10. Is he in the Rockabilly Hall of Fame

a.) Yes
b.) No
c.) He never will be
d.) He is not qualified

Conway Twitty Trivia Answers:

1. C

  • He was born with the name Harold Jenkins

2. C

  • He was born in Friars Point, Mississippi

3. A

  • “Hello Darlin'”

4. D

  • The Philadelphia Phillies offered Twitty a contract

5. A

  • Yes. He is in the Country Music Hall of Fame

6. D

  • Rock ‘n’ Roll

7. C

  • He passed away in Springfield, MIssouri

8. D

  • He is buried in Gallatin, Tennessee

9. B

  • Before he could sign an MLB contract, he was drafted into the United States military

10. A

  • Yes. He is in the Rockabilly Hall of Fame


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