Country Music Trivia: Chris Lane Quiz

Chris Lane

photo: Artist Facebook Page

After Chris Lane released his new album, Girl Problems, in 2016, his popularity has skyrocketed. Think you know him? Take this quick quiz to find out!

Although his first record, Let’s Ride, put Chris Lane on the Country music map, Girl Problems took him to another level of popularity.Take this fun quiz to test your knowledge of Chris Lane. Be sure to check the bottom of the page for the answers!


1. Where was Chris Lane born?

a.) Illinois
b.) Georgia
c.) Hawaii
d.) North Carolina

2. How old is he?

a.) 26
b.) 29
c.) 34
d.) 36

3. Which sport did Lane play in college?

a.) Hockey
b.) Baseball
c.) Golf
d.) Football


photo: Chris Lane Website

4. What was the name of Lane’s debut album?

a.) Girl Problems
b.) Spark
c.) Chris Lane
d.) Let’s Ride

5. Which Chris Lane music video features a real marriage proposal on the film set?

a.) “Fix”
b.) “For Her”
c.) “All About You”
d.) “Who’s It Gonna Be”

6. Over 10 years ago, Lane auditioned for what TV show?

a.) American Idol
b.) America’s Got Talent
c.) The X Factor
d.) Britain’s Got Talent

Chris Lane American Idol Audition

7. In 2014, Chris Lane opened for what band’s This Is How We Roll Tour?

a.) Chris Janson
b.) Florida Georgia Line
c.) Chris Stapleton
d.) Dierks Bentley

8. What was Lane’s first song to reach the top spot on the US Country Airplay chart?

a.) “For Her”
b.) “Starting Tonight”
c.) “Fix”
d.) “Too Tennessee”


Fix by Chris Lane
photo: YouTube

9. What is his twin brother’s name?

a.) Dylan
b.) Jacob
c.) Cory
d.) Michael

10. Is he currently on tour?

a.) Yes!
b.) He has never toured
c.) No
d.) His first tour will be in 2020




1. D

  • He was born in Kernersville, North Carolina

2. C

  • He is 34 years old. His birthday is November 9, 1984.

3. B

  • He played baseball for the University of North Carolina Charlotte

4. D

  • Let’s Ride

5. B

  • “For Her”

6. A

  • American Idol

7. B

  • Florida Georgia Line

8. C

  • “Fix”

9. C

  • Cory

10. A

  • Yes. Check out his website for tickets and more information.  He is touring with Brad Paisley in 2019.

As a bonus, watch Chris Lane’s music video for “I Don’t Know About You”.


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