Mike Fisher’s Catchin’ Deers Brand Inks Deal with Tractor Supply Co.

Catchin’ Deers

photo: Catchin' Deers Instagram

An exclusive Catchin’ Deers line has bounded into Tractor Supply Company in-store and online! More on the brand co-founded by Carrie Underwood's husband, here!

Mike Fisher’s Catchin’ Deers apparel line has landed an exclusive partnership with Tractor Supply Company! The hunting-themed clothing and accessory line was co-founded by Fisher alongside his brother Bud and friend Austin Casselman.

The line takes its name from a joke between hunting buddies. Austin once asked the Fisher brothers if they had “caught any deers” while on a hunting trip. When the next deer season rolled around, all three were sporting trucker hats with the phrase “catchin’ deers” printed on them. The company was started in 2016 with Reid Faught and Ryan Hawkins added as co-owners.

“We’ve definitely found a market that resonates with people and they seem to enjoy it and have a laugh and want to wear our stuff,” Mike Fisher shared in a press release. “We knew that early because we’d all be wearing just the simplest trucker hat and it seemed like every hunter would stop you and just laugh.”

The Catchin’ Deers apparel line now sells shirts, outerwear, bumper stickers, in addition to head-wear. Through Tractor Supply, the company will sell an exclusive line of hats, T-shirts, hoodies, and decals through the retailer in-store and online.

“I love the company and they’ve been really good to work with,” Mike Fisher said. “They’re our perfect market with their customers. I think for what we offer and our brand, we couldn’t be in a better place.”

“For me leaving hockey, the transition was perfect timing,” Mike added. “You don’t get that camaraderie when you don’t see the guys every day at the rink, but I do at the hunt camp. We laugh and we joke that was something we wanted to create — just to get guys laughing through our social media and videos — and that’s how we grew the brand.”

Check out Catchin’ Deers at Tractor Supply Co. HERE. Share this news with other fans of Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher! 


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