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Get to know the wife of Florida Georgia Line's Brian Kelley, Brittney! More here!

Florida Georgia Line star Brian Kelley and wife Brittney Cole Kelley’s relationship was quite a whirlwind that included a secret marriage in Nashville back in 2013! Since then, however, Brittney’s life has been in the spotlight alongside her husband. The attention, however, hasn’t changed her genuine nature or hippie spirit!

Brittney is her husband’s number one fan! 

When your husband is one of the stars of Florida Georgia Line, you’re bound to attend his concerts and frequent award shows for his work. Brittney does all of this with grace and a smile on her face! In an Instagram post from the beginning of November, Brittney says, “I [love] doing life with you.” The post featured some affectionate pictures of the couple! Needless to say, Brittney doesn’t mind supporting her husband in any way she can!

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I 🖤 doing life with you 👻

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Brittney loves her fur babies and calls their little family a ‘tribe’

Four dogs might seem like a daunting task, but Brittney is enjoying life with her tribe!

With every tribe comes a teepee, which is exactly what the Kelley’s have at their house

Yes, that’s right! A REAL life teepee! It’s even more fitting that they took their four year wedding anniversary picture next to it because it was a gift on their big day from the Hubbard’s!

“Brian and I also have a real 23-foot teepee at our home in Nashville, Tennessee that was a wedding gift from Brian’s duo partner, Tyler, and his wife and my good friend, Hayley. The teepee is a place Brian and I shared many special and creative moments, and what better image to symbolize our family, our pack, our Tribe, than a teepee,” Brittney says of their unique feature.

Brittney also has her own clothing line called Tribe Kelley

Not only are her and her husband a team when it comes to country music, but also when it comes to running this clothing line! The duo has many different pieces that were all made in the United States! Check it out here:

Brittney loves adventuring

She’s an advocate for suicide awareness

Brittney is very open with fans that her life isn’t all glamour- she has struggled just like anyone else

On October 7, 2018, Brittney took to Instagram and got vulnerable with friends, family, and fans alike. She shared that while Instagram shows the highs of her journey, she has experienced lows.

The caption to the post reads,”I haven’t always been here. Here as in, with the love of my life in a beautiful slice of the world. I haven’t always had it easy, and I still struggle. I’ve had to face disbelief and challenges …. and I still am hiking through life’s valleys. But socials only show the highs, right? I share these highs with you because I have heard from many of you (friends, family and followers) that you appreciate and enjoy seeing the glimpses of my journey. But please know this online portfolio of a couple artsy fartsy photos does not define my world. I’ve faced feats only God understands, I’ve lived in a flooded double wide trailer, I was orphaned at 17, I was broken and depressed. But God always provided even when I didn’t trust … and now I’m here. Whole again. I’m still the same ME. I’m still working hard on my Dreams no matter what situation I’m handed, good or bad. I hope to be a story you can look up to, not one that you compare your lives to. Keeping it real, staying grounded or whatever you want to call it, that’s what I want for me, for you, for us.”

She’s frequently seen alongside her husband at awards, and always sporting trendy outfits

Yes, this Florida Georgia Line wife is on the go and very spirited! She’s got a busy life but is enjoying every second of it!

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