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Country music singer-songwriter Brett Young married his longtime muse, Taylor Mills, over the weekend! More on the songs she's influenced here!

Country music star Brett Young has some glorious hit love songs in his future! He said ‘I do’ to his bride Taylor Mills on Saturday November, 3rd. Not only is this lovely woman the love of his life, but she is also his muse!

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His upcoming album, Ticket to L.A., can be expected to have some feel-good love songs on it. Gone are the days of his feelings in “Mercy,” as joyful times are right around the corner in this new chapter of his life!

While Taylor is his main musical muse, “Mercy” had nothing to do with her. Brett has said in interviews that that specific song has is not about any specific person, rather more about breakups in general.

While the emotional tune was not about Taylor, other hit tracks of his definitely have been. Surprisingly, some of those include breakup songs. The pair have not always been together as a couple over the last decade.

“When you listen to that first record there’s a lot of based on a true story,” Brett shared with Taste of Country. “Me and Taylor, the way that we ended things years back, I’m so proud of us the way that we did it and the way we treated each other while we weren’t together. Nobody cheated. Nobody lied. Nobody did each other wrong. It just wasn’t working.”

He then added, “I’m sure it probably isn’t her favorite thing to hear ‘You Ain’t Here to Kiss Me,’ but at the same time, she was in the same place.”

Another song Taylor inspired was Brett’s first big hit, “Sleep Without You.” The artist once revealed in an interview, “We never lived together, but we always did the goodnight phone call or text. When that becomes a habit, you find yourself restless, trying to go to sleep without the goodnight phone call or text.”

Yes, that sad song holds a place in both Brett and Taylor’s lives, we’re just happy the couple found their way back to each other! Young’s sophomore album, Ticket To L.A, is set for release on December 7th.

For more updates on Brett and his new wife Taylor, keep up with Country Fancast!

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