Ashley Monroe Talks Current Project & Offers Up Pistol Annies Update

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Country music singer-songwriter Ashley Monroe has been busy with her solo career and is about to head into the studio with Pistol Annies...

Country music artist Ashley Monroe‘s new album, Sparrow, certainly has a different feel from her earlier work. The album’s focus flows from the star’s family relationships to her most personal fantasies and desires.

“I just love writing about and singing about what I’m feeling right then. If it’s sexy and sensual, I’ll write something like ‘Hands On You’ or ‘Wild Love,'” Monroe shares. “I really had never written songs like that until this album.”

From Sparrow‘s honest writing process to its organic recording process, Monroe set out to make an album with nothing to hide, and it worked.

“I’ve written a lot more since I’ve had my son [Dalton]. I just feel more confident, you know? I always want to keep music pure,” says Monroe of entering motherhood last year. “The world is so complicated, and everything is complicated, but when the music’s pure, I feel like people can escape it for a little bit. I always want to keep it honest. I want to keep it true. Not to say everything I write has to be about my life, but I just want to keep it true and real.”

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Besides producing her own material, her collaboration with Miranda Lambert and Angaleena Presley as Pistol Annies is heating back up. The country supergroup are heading into the studio next month to resume working on their third full-length album.

“Angaleena, Miranda and I are the most real and honest versions of ourselves as human beings when we’re around each other,” says Monroe. “It’s crazy how fast the walls fall. That’s why I think that we can write from our true selves. We all have that input in every single song. I feel like this album will be definitely a more grown-up version, cause we’ve grown up a lot since our last one. That’s [not] to say there’s not still humor and all that stuff. There’s heavy topics too, but these are hands-down the favorite songs we’ve ever written.”

We look forward to seeing what Monroe and her Pistol Annies counterparts have in store for us!

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