Ashley McBryde Interview: Her Inspirations

Ashley McBryde Interview:  Her Inspirations

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Country music singer Ashley McBryde has had a lot of inspiration in the past couple of years and she talks about how it has helped form her live show.

Ashley McBryde Interview – watch Ashley describe some of her influences and inspirations below.  When you are trying to break into the country music world your biggest ally is going to be an artist that has already made it to the top. In the case of Ashley McBryde, these artists are Miranda Lambert and Eric Church.

“I think the first mainstream country female artist to have a ton of faith in me was probably Miranda Lambert” McBryde said.

Lambert watched McBryde play a set and then invited her to hang out and grab a drink, after recording the performance with her phone.

“That’s not nerve-wracking at all,” McBryde said jokingly.

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McBryde and Lambert have a lot in common in terms of songwriting, both female country singers allow their songs to explore topics that are off the beaten path for female artists. McBryde cites Lori McKenna and Matraca Berg as being songwriters she really is impressed by.

Watch OnMilwaukee/Lora Kaelber interview Ashley McBryde at Country Thunder Twin Lakes on July 20, 2018 where Ashley discusses her country music roots.

Ashley McBryde Interview

“There are lines in their songs that make you so beautifully uncomfortable with how real it just got. And you’re like, ’Gah! How do you do that?’ I think the cool part of country storytelling is that things are very simple, and we’re super honest about it. If your daddy was an alcoholic, sing about your daddy being an alcoholic because somebody else’s daddy is, too,” McBryde shares.

Lambert isn’t the only artist that has taken McBryde under their wing. McBryde was invited by Eric Church to attend one of his performances where he surprised her by asking her to sing with him on stage.

The moment in the spotlight isn’t the only thing Church gave McBryde, he has also inspired her live show and her band.

“The thing that really strikes me about him [Church] and his entire band is that you could pick any band member, at any point in the night, and watch just them for three songs,” McBryde explained. “Because they’re their own show.”

“That’s something that when my guys, who were building this show, I’m like, ‘Don’t forget they didn’t just come here to see me, they came here to see you,” McBryde continued. “So, it’s not upstaging, it’s not hot dogging for you to be super interesting.’ And my guys are really good at it too. Eric kind of gave us permission. Watching their band do that, that gave us permission to just be who we are. Only a little louder.”

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