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Ashley McBryde Arkansas

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The Ashley McBryde Arkansas song was released in 2011 as a track on her “Elsebound” album.  McBryde was raised in Mammoth Spring, Arkansas, which serves as her inspiration for this song.  Ashley started music at 3 years old when she would pluck her father’s guitar like an upright bass.  She got her first guitar of her own at 17 years old.  “It was about this awful torrid love affair,” says McBryde, laughing. “My mom was like, ‘oh shit. You are a twelve going on forty.’ At twelve I knew that I could make stuff up. At sixteen I was like, I’m getting good at this. By the time I got to college, I had a big catalogue for an eighteen-year-old.”

McBryde finally moved to Nashville in 2007 to pursue her music career.  Watch the live performance of “Arkansas” and check out the lyrics to this tune below.

Ashley McBryde Arkansas Video

Ashley McBryde Arkansas Lyrics

Rows and rows of blacks and yellows in the tall grass
By a highway that don’t see too many cars pass
Hills roll gently down by the church that saved my soul
It’s just a mile from the only home I’ve ever known
My first kiss was in that old tin barn
That old hayloft helped me break my arm
I can’t remember if I cried at all
I miss you Arkansas
There ain’t no sidewalks up on Highway 24
There ain’t no stop lights because there ain’t much worth stopping for
That old swing was out on Papa’s porch
And it’s been gone now for years of course
There’s nothing like it in the fall
I miss you Arkansas
I know it’s rare I know what I had
‘Cuz that barbed wire garden made me most of who I am
This concrete empire outside my window frame tonight
Can’t hold a bonfire like an Ozark mountain campsite
Lots of Broadway they call me out
I came out here to make you proud
I know you’ll catch me if I fall
I miss you Arkansas
I miss you Arkansas
I miss you

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