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alabama feels so right

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Enjoy watching the Alabama "Feels So Right" music video and check out the written lyrics here....

The Alabama Feels So Right song was released in 1981 as the title track for the album of the same name.  Alabama recorded this song on August 26, 1980 at the Music Mill in Nashville.  Alabama is the most successful and beloved country band of all time, known for their catchy songs and undeniable charisma. “Feels So Right” is a classic love song that has become an anthem for fans of the genre. The song is a perfect example of the band’s unique blend of country and rock that has won them millions of fans around the world.

Enjoy watching the Alabama Band perform  “Feels So Right” in the official music video. Alabama rolled to #1 on the Billboard country singles chart with “Feels So Right” starting the week of June 18, 1981.

Watch the official music video and check out the written lyrics below.

Alabama Feels So Right (Original Music Video)

The song was written by Randy Owen and released in May 1981 as the second single plus title track from the band’s album Feels So Right. It was the group’s fourth straight No. 1 single on the Billboard magazine Hot Country Singles chart.

Alabama Feels So Right Lyrics

Whisper to me softly, breathe words upon my skin
No one’s near and listening, so please don’t say goodbye
Just hold me close and love me, press your lips to mine
Mmm feels so right. Feels so right.
Lying here beside you I hear the echoes of your sighs
Promise me you’ll stay with me and keep me warm tonight
So hold me close and love me, give my heart a smile
Mmm feels so right. Feels so right.
Your body feels so gentle and my passion rises high
You’re loving me so easy, you’re wish is my command
Just hold me close and love me, tell me it won’t end
Mmm feels so right. Feels so right.
Feels so right.
Ah, you feel so right baby…

“Feels So Right” was Alabama’s fifth studio album released in 1981. The Feels So Right album produced three Number One hits on the Billboard Hot Country Singles chart including: “Old Flame”, “Feels So Right”, and “Love in the First Degree”.

The “Feels So Right” song is a timeless classic that has cemented Alabama’s place in the pantheon of country music greats. Its catchy melody, heartfelt lyrics, and impeccable instrumentation make it a song that fans will love for generations to come. Whether you’re a die-hard Alabama fan or just someone who appreciates great country music, “Feels So Right” is a song that is sure to make you feel good and remind you of the power of true love.

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