Alabama “Song of the South” Music Video and Lyrics


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Alabama's "Song of the South" is just one of those songs that makes everyone want to sing along! Enjoy the throwback music video and lyrics here.

Few bands are able tell a captivating story through their music as well as Alabama. Released in 1988, “Song of the South” is a Depression-Era tale of a poor family that makes a living picking cotton.

The song is a true southern classic, with the harmonious melodies and perfectly-plucked banjo strings perfectly capturing the essence of the region. Despite Alabama’s deep-rooted connection to the song (lead singer Randy Owen has spoke of his own days growing up in cotton country), the band’s version is actually a cover of the original 1980 recording by Bobby Bare. While the original recording gained little traction on the charts, Alabama’s recording reached the No. 1 spot on the country charts.

In classic 1980s style, the music video for “Song of the South” was vital to the track. Clips and photographs of the old south are used to tell the story of workers during the dust bowl.

Enjoy the music video for “Song of the South” below!

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