Watch Luke Bryan Get Pranked with a Live Rat [Video]

luke bryan bow hunting

photo: Buck Commander

Luke Bryan has perfected the silent scream.

Country superstar Luke Bryan is a member of an exclusive group called “The Buckmen”— comprised of Willie Robertson, Luke Bryan, Jason Aldean, former MLB player Ryan Langerhans, Chicago White Sox first basemen Adam LaRoche, and former MLB pitcher Tombo Martin.  The group makes up the Buck Commander TV show on the Outdoor Channel.

In this video footage from Buck Commander, the guys have a little fun at Bryan’s expense. While in the deer stand, the cameraman asks him for a pair of ear buds, so the singer reaches into his backpack and quickly discovers a new rodent friend he dubs “Mr. Bo-Doddly.” Yes, the rat flips out on the award-winning entertainer— peeing on him and giving him a nasty bite.

In an interview about the dramatic episode alongside an amused Jason Aldean, Luke states, “You know, ever since then, I’ve been having fevers at night and cold chills, so I probably got some kind of rare sewer rat virus.”

Oh my, we bet his wife Caroline is thrilled about this prank.

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