Zac Brown Gives Awesome Parenting Advice

Zac Brown

photo: c/o Zac Brown Band

Amidst Zac Brown's immense success as a country music singer and songwriter, he stops to talk about something even more important: his parenting skills.

The Zac Brown Band has enjoyed big success as a musical group, led by front man Zac Brown. While his success wasn’t overnight, he is still considered one of today’s top country music singers and songwriters. Music is not the only area of life that Brown works hard in, he is also father to 5 children ( 4 girls and 1 boy) and his job as a parent is as important as ever to the Georgia native.

One of the biggest points of focus for Brown with his children is to instill in them a sense of compassion for the people in their lives and to keep their ego in check.

“[Somebody told me something] about being a parent that resonated with me in a big way: If you teach your kids how to be really good people, then they’ll be successful at everything that they do. So I try to teach them perspective, that they don’t ever treat anybody any way but great, no matter what. To be gracious and sweet and loving …,” Brown explains. “My job is to instill in them to just be great people, regardless of what their daddy does or what other people’s daddies do. That we’re all the same — that even though some people treat me differently than other people, I just try to keep that core value right there.”

Brown tells one of his daughters, “You know what? I don’t ever want you to tell anybody that your daddy’s famous, because that doesn’t sound good,” after she admitted that she knew he was famous.

“I’m no different than any other human being. I play music for a living, and we’re very blessed. But it’s important not to do that,” Brown says.

“So you find those moments. I don’t want my children to have any kind of ego or entitlement because of what I do. I want them to be good people, and we fight every day so that they’ll be that way.”

That’s sound parenting advice no matter what the parent’s chosen profession is.

It can be said that Brown’s down-to-earth approach could be a result of the years of hard work it took to get where he is today in country music.

“You know, I had my head down, and I was concentrating on that night. I was always trying to project and get better. Just busting my a– — trying to work as hard as I could work …,” he says. “I didn’t expect all of this stuff to happen. I had hoped to be as successful as I could. I hope to learn the game and the business as I go along, and I try to be the best I can personally be to lift up my guys and be the best leader I can be. I knew I was going to make it, but I didn’t know what that meant.”

The Zac Brown Band recently dropped a new single, “Beautiful Drug,” off their 2015 gold-selling  Jekyll + Hyde album.


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